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12 Oct 2000 Three Ways To Get Your System's Network MAC Address
This article describes three different ways to programatically get the MAC address of your system's network card (NIC).
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2 Oct 2000 O'Reilly Network: Getting your work into Mozilla
How to become part of the Mozilla project.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
28 Sep 2000 Is there an easy way to verify pairs of matching braces in the Code Editor?
Using keboard shortcuts to find matching braces in the Code Editor.
Christopher Moeller FAQ
26 Sep 2000 Resolving linker errors when using TRegistry
This article describes how to get rid of linker errors that pop up when deriving a class from TRegistry (esp. with regards to the ChangeKey function)
mykle hoban FAQ
19 Sep 2000 DCOM Basics: Creating your first DCOM client/server application
Tutorial for setting up a DCOM client/server application
Christopher Moeller TI
14 Sep 2000 How do I prevent the user from interacting with a control (e.g Form)?
Using the Enabled Property of a control to disallow user interaction.
Christopher Moeller FAQ
7 Sep 2000 Installing Borland C++ Builder 5 under Windows 2000
A quick walkthrough of installing Borland C++ Builder Windows 2000, for use as a user other than an administrator.
Nate Lieby FAQ
6 Sep 2000 How do you force Builder to compile a project in straight C?
Setting up a C style project
Christopher Moeller FAQ
24 Aug 2000 How do I prevent the compiler from halting the execution of my application during debugging when it encounters an exception?
Configuring the exception handling features for debugging.
Christopher Moeller FAQ
24 Aug 2000 Can you drag and drop existing SQL structures directly onto a form?
Using the SQL Explorer to automatically implement
Christopher Moeller FAQ
17 Aug 2000 Using an OPENFILENAME structure and GetOpenFilename in Windows 98
Issues with OPENFILENAME structure in Win98 when using the most recent SDK headers.
Vincent Drake FAQ
9 Aug 2000 Visual C++ project conversion tool (VCTOBPR.EXE)
Examines the significance of project configuration options within the Visual C++ conversion tool.
Nate Lieby FAQ
9 Aug 2000 C++Builder 5 seemed to install fine, but now Windows fails to load, producing an error in ESSOLO.DRV.
Workaround for installing C++Builder 5 on an IBM Aptiva (running Windows 98)
Christopher Moeller FAQ
8 Aug 2000 C++Builder Basics: Tutorial for Creating and Using a Static Library in C++Builder
Provides source code and a step-by-step procedure for creating and using a static library
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18 Jul 2000 dbExpress (Inprise/Borland's new cross-platform data access layer) Draft Specification
The Kylix project will introduce dbExpress. It will also be in future versions of Delphi and C++ Builder on Windows. Now you can find out what it is, and also provide us suggestions that could make it into its first release.
John Kaster Article
7 Jul 2000 How do I rename the "DllEntryPoint" function to "DllMain," which is the convention in some other compilers?
Renaming the "DllEntryPoint" function using a DEF file.
Christopher Moeller FAQ
7 Jul 2000 ADO Basics: Creating a basic ADO database application
How do I create a basic ADO database application?
Christopher Moeller FAQ
20 Jun 2000 ATL Templatized QueryInterface Causes Compiler Errors
This document describes how to remove the compiler errors that will occaisionally happen when using the ATL in C++Builder
mykle hoban FAQ
12 Jun 2000 How to use a VCL class member-function as a Win32 callback.
This article describes how to substitue a global or static-member function for an actual member-function when using Win32 callbacks.
mykle hoban FAQ
6 Jun 2000 Error: "BORDBK51.DLL is missing or not registered" after apparently successful manual registration.
Workaround for uncommon Windows95B issue with BORDBK51.DLL
Christopher Moeller FAQ

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