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27 Oct 1999 Problems with Y2K update for Borland C++ 5.X
Problems with Y2K update pertaining to early versions of Borland C++ 5
Christopher Moeller FAQ
24 Nov 1999 How to create a shared segment in a dll.
Gives an example of creating a shared segment in Builder4 using compiler switches and DEF file.
Vincent Drake FAQ
30 Nov 1999 How to disable Ctrl-Alt-Del and Alt-Tab key combo under Win95.
Describes an undocumented feature of the Windows API function SystemParametersInfo
Vincent Drake FAQ
30 Nov 1999 How to access the current user's login ID.
The Windows API function GetUserName is the simple answer to this common question.
Vincent Drake FAQ
2 Feb 2000 Will C++ Builder 4 run in 16 color mode?
16 color graphics color mode for C++ Builder 4.
Christopher Moeller FAQ
2 Feb 2000 Why am I receiving an "Error writing file" message?
"Error writing file" message when attempting to run project
Christopher Moeller FAQ
28 Mar 2000 C++Builder 4 installation under multiple NT profiles
How to install BCB in an environment with different user profiles.
Chyna Trople FAQ
28 Mar 2000 Manually Installing Borland C++Builder
This document covers manual installation of Borland C++Builder and should be used as a last resort.
Chyna Trople FAQ
28 Mar 2000 Installing C++ Builder 5 Trial edition to Windows 2000 under a Non-Administrator profile
installation issue with bcb5 trial under win2k
Anthony Pryor FAQ
28 Mar 2000 Why is the Service Application missing from File | New in Borland C++Builder 4 Professional?
This document covers what to do if you find that Service Application is not listed on your File | New menu.
Chyna Trople FAQ
30 Mar 2000 Using AnsiStrings and char *
Using AnsiString with Win API
Mat Duafala FAQ
14 Apr 2000 CodeGuard does not report memory leaks in the CodeGaurd Log window.
Due to a bug in Win95 and Win98, the Builder IDE will not get memory leak messages from CodeGaurd.
Vincent Drake FAQ
1 May 2000 How do I display a bitmap image in Builder?
Basics: Using TBitmap with TImage
Christopher Moeller FAQ
10 May 2000 Does it really matter where I place my #include statements in C++ Builder?
Explanation of the #pragma hdrstop directive.
Christopher Moeller FAQ
10 May 2000 What is the function of #pragma resource "*.dfm" which appears in all newly generated applications?
Understanding the function of the #pragma resource "*.dfm" directive.
Christopher Moeller FAQ
30 May 2000 How to get a file's associated icon.
This FAQ describes how to retrieve a file's associated default icon without (directly) using the registry.
mykle hoban FAQ
30 May 2000 Crystal Reports updating error - DSS50.lib is missing
While attempting to update Crystal Reports an error message says that DSS50.lib is missing
5 Jun 2000 Should I use a TImageList , or another type of storage component for holding bitmaps?
Differences between TImageList and TList for TBitmaps.
Christopher Moeller FAQ
5 Jun 2000 Would it be difficult to create a CD Player application in C++Builder?
C++Builder Basics: Brief Introduction to the MediaPlayer
Christopher Moeller FAQ
6 Jun 2000 Error: "BORDBK51.DLL is missing or not registered" after apparently successful manual registration.
Workaround for uncommon Windows95B issue with BORDBK51.DLL
Christopher Moeller FAQ

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