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20 Sep 2002 Public Beta: C++Builder 6 Type Library Importer Public Beta 2
This beta consists of an updated type library importer for C++Builder 6
John Kaster Article
11 Jun 2002 Public Beta: C++Builder 6 Type Library Importer
This beta consists of an updated type library importer for C++ Builder 6
John Kaster Article
7 Feb 2002 Preview of C++ Builder 6
John K briefly covers some of the new features in C++ Builder 6, complete with screen shots and sample code
John Kaster Article
11 Dec 2001 Borland exhibits at PDC
John K manned the Borland booth at the Microsoft Professional Developer's Conference the first day of the show. Read this article for pictures and observations.
John Kaster Article
8 Nov 2001 Using .NET complex types in a Delphi web service client
In an article on the continuing rapid enhancements to Borland's Web Services solutions, John K discusses prototype support for .NET web services that use Document Literal encoding
John Kaster Article
28 Sep 2001 The BugCentral Project
This project is the community "bug-tracking" system that will be coming soon to a web site near you. John K has put up a description of it to solicit feedback from the community before the public beta starts.
John Kaster Article
21 Aug 2001 Context menu shell extensions using COM
Context menus are the menus that pop up in Windows when you right-click on a file or object. This project shows how you can add your own items to these menus using COM. By Clayton Todd.
Clayton Todd Contributed Article
9 Apr 2001 JavaWorld: Clean up your wire protocol with SOAP
This article by Tarak Modi, the first in a series of four, introduces you to SOAP and using it in Java.
John Kaster Article
4 Apr 2001 Reflections on SOAP (Part 1)
James Snell of IBM writes a summary on the history and progress of the "Web services revolution"
John Kaster Article
12 Mar 2001 Introduction to CORBA with VisiBroker and C++Builder
An introductory paper for those familiar with C++ and C++Builder and wanting to learn about CORBA and how to create, use, and deploy CORBA systems.
Michael Sawczyn Article
30 Jan 2001 How to sink events from a COM server.
This article describes how to respond to and handle events that are surfaced from a COM Automation server.
mykle hoban TI
29 Jan 2001 How to create a windowless COM LocalServer
This article describes how to create a LocalServer (.exe) without any windows.
mykle hoban FAQ
29 Jan 2001 Some examples of how to use the TSafeArrayT SAFEARRAY wrappers.
This article shows several ways to use the TSafeArrayT template to maniuplate COM SAFEARRAYs
mykle hoban FAQ
29 Jan 2001 How to load an HTML document from a stream into a TCppWebBrowser.
This article describes how to load a document out of a stream (memory, file, etc.) into an instance of the Internet Explorer control.
mykle hoban FAQ
22 Jan 2001 How to add <PROPERTY> tag support to your ActiveForm
This article describes how to implement support for <PROPERTY> tags in your ActiveForm
mykle hoban FAQ
4 Jan 2001 Using COM to Accept Interprocess Drag and Drop operations
This article describes how to implement an OLE Drop Target.
mykle hoban TI
4 Jan 2001 WSAEWOULDBLOCK error in my socket program
Whenever I try to run my socket program, I get the error WSAEWOULDBLOCK.
Mat Duafala FAQ
4 Jan 2001 Winsock2 features
What are the main differences between winsock1.1 and winsock2?
Mat Duafala FAQ
28 Dec 2000 Why is my MTS object access violating when I install it in COM+?
This article describes how to fix access violations caused when installing transaction objects in COM+
mykle hoban FAQ
11 Dec 2000 Dynamic Constraints in MIDAS
John K shows source code and sample projects for a run-time dynamic constraint editor for MIDAS servers, allowing you to change data constraints on the fly for your clients without recompiling
John Kaster Article

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