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21 Dec 1999 Versions of Oracle Supported
Lists versions of Oracle supported with BDE 5.10
Quinn Wildman FAQ
30 Nov 1999 Garbage added to end of Memo field with ODBC connection
If ODBC driver ignored length parameter this error can occur
Quinn Wildman FAQ
23 Nov 1999 Native Drivers and BCB4 Professional Edition
Application not enabled for use with this driver
Sam Patterson FAQ
27 Oct 1999 BDE and the Year 2000
BDE and the Year 2000
Quinn Wildman TI
14 Oct 1999 Executing Oracle functions
Functions can be executed via a Stored Proc
Quinn Wildman FAQ
14 Oct 1999 Non-blob column in table required to perform operation with Oracle
Error occurs with DBA or EXP_FULL_DATABASE roles
Quinn Wildman FAQ
11 Oct 1999 Access violation when viewing Access97 data using the BDE.
Describes a problem some configurations have when accessing Microsoft Access 97 databases using the BDE.
Vincent Drake FAQ
6 Oct 1999 How to query dates using Day-Month-Year using local SQL
Separate values with . instead of / to get Day-Month-Year
Quinn Wildman FAQ
5 Oct 1999 Programmatically Changing the IDAPI.cfg
Code and explaination on how to change the IDAPI.cfg file within your code.
Kevin Scardina FAQ
1 Oct 1999 How do I make a TQuery not use memory as scrolls forward
Setting Unidirectional property to true will resolve problem
Quinn Wildman FAQ
1 Oct 1999 Unidirectional property not supported for all Databases
Describes which databases support the unidirectional property
Quinn Wildman FAQ
1 Oct 1999 BDE Error 000F
Describes what this error might mean
Quinn Wildman FAQ
1 Oct 1999 Help | About for BDE Admin version 5.1 says version 5.1
Why does it say version 5.01?
Quinn Wildman FAQ
1 Oct 1999 Blobs are not supported as params for a Stored Proc
The BDE does not support blobs as params for a Stored Proc
Quinn Wildman FAQ
1 Oct 1999 Opening TQuery results in Operation Not Applicable Error
Error occurs when unidirectional property is set to true
Quinn Wildman FAQ
1 Oct 1999 Oracle 8.0.5 client is not supported
Not supported due to blob problems
Quinn Wildman FAQ
1 Oct 1999 Procedures and Functions in Oracle Packages not listed
They are not listed because they are not in system tables
Quinn Wildman FAQ
1 Oct 1999 Different types of dBASE Unique style indexes
VCL always creates DISTINCT style dBASE indexes
Quinn Wildman FAQ
1 Oct 1999 Table is Full with Paradox Tables
Increasing block size allow tables to be larger
Quinn Wildman FAQ
1 Oct 1999 Use GetResults to get output params from MSSQL and Sybase
StoredProc that returns results set needs to use GetResults
Quinn Wildman FAQ

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