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30 May 2001 Calculating Business Days on Oracle
A function you can use to calculate business days. Includes provisions for after hours calculations.
Quinn Wildman TI
15 May 2001 How to get UpdateMode to work for TQuery on a SQL Server 7.0 table.
Setting UpdateMode to UpWhereKeyOnly doesn't work.
Justin Swett FAQ
27 Apr 2001 BDE on multiprocessor machines.
Resolving problems with BDE that may be related to running on multiprocessor machine.
17 Apr 2001 WHERE clause with greater than 256 ANDs or ORs generates size of optimizer block exceeded error
This error can occur on a SELECT or UPDATE statement
Quinn Wildman FAQ
27 Mar 2001 How to create Data Link File with Windows 2000
Data Link Files show up in the new menu for Windows 95/98/NT but not for Windows 2000.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
9 Mar 2001 TIBLicensingService component not found on Component Pallet.
TIBLicensingService is not installed on the IBX component pallet, but may used if created dynamically.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
21 Feb 2001 Why am I getting the error "Operation must use an updateable query"?
Microsoft ODBC driver for Paradox uses BDE for updates.
14 Jan 2001 A little history on the Interbase security hole
Charlie Caro, of Interbase R&D, provides some background information on the Interbase Security Hole that Borland has patched. Jim Starkey also has a reply.
John Kaster Article
14 Jan 2001 Borland makes patch available for Interbase customers
Press release about the patch to fix the Interbase security hole
John Kaster Press Release
11 Jan 2001 ADOExpress update available for download
An update to ADOExpress for Delphi 5 and C++ Builder 5 is freely available for immediate download
John Kaster Updates
22 Dec 2000 Newsgroup nugget: Kylix and dbExpress screen shots
An article on Kylix and dbExpress from the German developer magazine "Der Entwickler"
Anders Ohlsson Article
31 Oct 2000 How does one programmatically create a database alias?
Using AddStandardAlias to create an alias for a session.
Christopher Moeller FAQ
29 Sep 2000 How to change NET DIR programmatically so it persists
Writing values into the BDE configuration file requires only a few function calls.
Steven Randolph Contributed Article
25 Sep 2000 BDE Merge Module now available.
BDE support for Microsoft Windows Installer is now available for download from our FTP site.
8 Sep 2000 An Open Letter to Our InterBase Customers
Frank Slootman, VP  Software Products, issues a statement of direction for InterBase in an open letter to the InterBase community.
David Intersimone Article
1 Sep 2000 Download the Updated Interbase 6 Binaries
A bug-fix version of the Interbase 6 binaries download is now available for download.
John Kaster Article
24 Aug 2000 Can you drag and drop existing SQL structures directly onto a form?
Using the SQL Explorer to automatically implement
Christopher Moeller FAQ
4 Aug 2000 Detailed comparison of Paradox and Microsoft Access
In addition to a very detailed analysis, there are also comments about local database solutions below it
John Kaster Product Review
2 Aug 2000 Read only access to FoxPro is recommended.
Extended testing indicates usage other than read only may result in corrupt data or Access Violations.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
1 Aug 2000 Using the MIDAS ClientDataset as a replacement for cached updates
Dan Miser has updated his classic article on the many ways to freely leverage the MIDAS ClientDataset
John Kaster Article

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