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23 Jun 2006 Automatic updates for QualityCentral reports
We are getting ready to turn automatic updates on for QualityCentral from "RAID", our internal bug tracking system. If you get update notifications for QC, please read this notice
John Kaster Article
13 Jul 2006 New QualityCentral features are now available
New options for re-opening reports, full synchronization with the internal system, the JBuilder 2006 client, and default notifications are some of the new features
John Kaster Article
9 May 2008 Carta comunidade: A Embarcadero Technologies adquire a CodeGear da Borland, criando o maior fornecedor de ferramentas independente de ferramentas de desenvolvimento e banco de dados
Carta de David Intersimone "David I"a comunidade de desenvolvedores CodeGear, comenta sobre o anúncio que cria a maior e independente fornecedor de software para banco de dados e desenvolvimento.
Andreano Lanusse Article

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