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26 May 2003 Microsoft and Borland Webcasts
Microsoft and Borland present Borland solutions for the Microsoft .NET framework
John Kaster Article
23 Apr 2003 Performance issue with the EJB Designer using EJBGRPX modules
Increasing performance of the EJB Designer
Christopher Moeller FAQ
26 Mar 2003 Quick Integration Guide for developing and deploying a Web application using JBuilder 8 Enterprise Edition with iPlanet Application Server 6.0
Getting started with JBuilder 8 Enterprise and iPlanet Application Server 6.0
Christopher Moeller TI
6 Mar 2003 Using URLConnection with a Proxy Server by Daniel Horn
Using the Java URLConnection and HttpURLConnection classes with a proxy server is easy but poorly documented until now.
Daniel Horn Contributed Article
11 Feb 2003 Performance Tuning EJB-based Applications
Optimizing Enterprise JavaBeans™ applications
Borland Staff White Paper
27 Jan 2003 How are included classes referenced in the archive properties for Web and EJB groups?
Explanation of the different between the default included classes for EJB and Web nodes.
Christopher Moeller FAQ
12 Dec 2002 eWeek 12/12/2002 - Borland JDataStore Blazes in Benchmark
An article in eWeek has highlighted the excellent cost/performance ratio of Borlands Enterprise Server and JDataStore database.
David Intersimone Article
5 Dec 2002 Using EJBs with the CORBA Notification Service
This whitepaper describes the challenges and benefits of integrating EJBs with the Notification Service.
Brenton Camac White Paper
5 Nov 2002 White Paper: Enterprise Guide to Java Development
See this white paper for observations about opportunities and challenges for J2EE development
John Kaster White Paper
30 Oct 2002 JBuilder - Redeploy does not function correctly with Weblogic
Description and workaround for redeploying archive to Weblogic
Christopher Moeller FAQ
30 Aug 2002 With WebLogic 7, why can't I deploy to the server I specify?
Working around the Enterprise Deployment defect in JBuilder 7
Steve Peters FAQ
27 Aug 2002 How do I start WebLogic 7 in debug mode?
Using java VM parameters to start the server in debug mode.
Christopher Moeller FAQ
31 Jul 2002 Quick Start Guide for integrating WebLogic 7 with JBuilder 7
Configuring JBuilder 7 to integrate with WebLogic 7
Christopher Moeller TI
30 Jun 2002 A java client for the MapQuest web service
A simple java web service consumer
Anders Ohlsson Article
30 Jun 2002 A J2ME client for the MapQuest web service
A simple J2ME web service consumer
Anders Ohlsson Article
27 Jun 2002 Ten Basic Steps to Creating a Web Service in JBuilder 7 with the Web Services Kit for Java 3
Walkthrough for getting started with Web Services in JBuilder 7
Christopher Moeller TI
27 Jun 2002 JBuilder 7: Why do some of the objects under the Enterprise tab in the Object Gallery continue to be grayed out?
Explanation of how configured servers are associated with a project in JBuilder 7.
Christopher Moeller FAQ
31 May 2002 Can I set JBuilder to use an IDL compiler other than idl2java.exe?
Creating CORBA configurations that use alternate IDL compilers.
Steve Peters FAQ
26 Apr 2002 Where may I find an updated list of Optimizeit (J2EE) tutorials ?
Providing a link to the updated list of Optimizeit J2EE Tutorials.
Christopher Moeller FAQ
3 Mar 2002 Consuming Web Services using JBuilder 6 Enterprise and the Web Services Kit for Java 1
In this article I'll investigate the tools and techniques to use (consume) Web Services with JBuilder 6 Enterprise and the Borland Web Services Kit for Java.
Bob Swart Contributed Article

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