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25 Jun 2002 Reflecting database changes
Chnages to a database are not always immediately seen by other users.
Ben Matterson FAQ
25 Jun 2002 Multi-threaded applicattion exception
Multi-threaded applications need one connection per thread.
Ben Matterson FAQ
21 Jun 2002 Error Could not load setup or translator library during install of ODBC or creating a DSN
See Microsoft knowledgebase for complete details on this error
Quinn Wildman FAQ
20 May 2002 Overview of InterBase JDBC Connectivity
This session paper discusses the JDBC Class 4 driver for InterBase. It consists of demonstrations of different connectivity scenerios and a general overview of how to use the driver.
Conference Speaker White Paper
17 Apr 2002 InvalidOperationException or BugCheckException bug code 10019.
Possible solution for Java application exceptions thrown by InterClient.
Ben Matterson FAQ
4 Mar 2002 Sygate Personal Firewall PRO 4.2 causes InterClient error
InterClient returns the error <P>Installed versions of InterClient and InterServer use incompatible client/server protocol versions.<P>
Quinn Wildman FAQ
28 Feb 2002 Access violation in _INS0432._MP
This error occurs when installing InterClient and you have a long classpath
Quinn Wildman FAQ
21 Feb 2002 Problems with IBExpress when installing the Delphi 6 Update Pack 2
explains how to resolve version conflicts with IBExpress dll's
Angel Martinez FAQ
20 Feb 2002 InterClient connect fails when run as an applet
InterClient cannot connect as an applet when InterServer is running on the same machine.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
18 Dec 2001 ClassFormatError when trying load InterClient
This error occurs when attempting to use InterClient version prior to 2.x with Java 2
Quinn Wildman FAQ
4 Dec 2001 Installing the EasySoft ODBC driver from InterBase 6 from Delphi 6
The ODBC driver included with Delphi 6 only includes a 7 Day license.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
24 Aug 2001 Some InterClient connection errors
If you try to use InterClient to connect to InterBase, you will get errors if InterBase and InterServer are not both running.
Ben Matterson FAQ
11 Jul 2001 InterClient and java.lang.VerifyError
Using InterClient 2.01/2.02 with JDK 1.3 fails with an error.
Ben Matterson FAQ
29 Mar 2001 Connecting to InterBase using an Active Server Page (ASP)
This articles provides detailed instructions, with numerous examples, on connecting to InterBase using an ASP.
Quinn Wildman TI
27 Mar 2001 How to create Data Link File with Windows 2000
Data Link Files show up in the new menu for Windows 95/98/NT but not for Windows 2000.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
6 Dec 2000 How to insert new lines into external files
Batch Move is the simplest. A simple Delphi example as well.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
25 Sep 2000 InterClient Java Technology For InterBase
InterClient may be the most fully functional jdbc driver available.
Borland Staff White Paper
24 Jul 2000 Multiple Connection using SQLDriverConnect with ODBC Driver
Bug with the Visigenic InterBase ODBC Driver version 1.00.0809.
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 Specifying a Column with 16 bit ODBC driver Alias Yields Original Column's Name
Solution is to upgrade to 32-bit ODBC driver.
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 Using Procedure Call in ODBC Generates a Syntax Error
Bug in ODBC driver
Borland Staff FAQ

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