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16 Jul 2006 Borland Together positioned in the leaders quadrant of Gartner's Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Tools Report
Borland announced that it has been positioned by Gartner, Inc. in the leaders quadrant of its Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOA&D) Tools, 2H06 to 1H07 Magic Quadrant report.
David Intersimone Press Release
12 Oct 2005 Managing Change through OOAD by Ken Sipe
Understanding the behavior of objects and answering tough questions like what is the likelihood of change? are critical in designing applications that will last longer than the first vision.
Ken Sipe Contributed Article
21 Sep 2005 The Tao of the Lone Wolf Developer - Part II
When we plan for software evolution, we need not fear product revolution. Using the concepts described in this paper, you can begin to design your business products so that they will be better able to quickly adapt to marketing challenges.
Randall Nagy Contributed Article
14 Sep 2005 The Tao of the Lone Wolf Developer
Unlike enterprise R&D activities, lone developers and smaller software companies need to streamline their development process. This article describes a lightweight methodology that has helped the author deliver his 5-star products quickly.
Randall Nagy Contributed Article
18 Aug 2003 Simple Programming Tip #3 by Charlie Calvert
Learn how refactoring can help you create robust and easy to maintain programs.
Charlie Calvert Contributed Article
6 Jun 2003 Simple Programming Tip #2 by Charlie Calvert
A discussion of benefits to be derived from using testing tools such as JUnit, DUnit, NUnit or CppUnit. The heart of the argument is that such tools encourage programmers to create highly modular, reusable classes that are easy to maintain.
Charlie Calvert Contributed Article
28 May 2003 Interview with Steve McConnell by Clay Shannon
Steve McConnell, the author of several important programming books, such as "Code Complete", "Rapid Development", "Software Project Survival Guide", and "After the Gold Rush", answers questions about his current projects
Clay Shannon Contributed Article
23 May 2003 This Old Pipe
Few appreciate how much modern computing relies upon pipes and streams. This article reviews how to apply these elegant IPC mechanisms to your console and GUI applications!
Randall Nagy Contributed Article
1 May 2003 Simple Programming Tip #1 by Charlie Calvert
This article contains the explication of a simple programming tip that can be read in a few minutes: Avoid writing code that does anything substantial inside a visual container. Instead, create separate classes for your working code.
Charlie Calvert Contributed Article
9 Jan 2002 HeadGen: C++Builder Template Generator
In this article I'll explain the usage of HeadGen, my free C++Builder template header/source generator, first introduced in my article in the C++ Zone on DevX.
Bob Swart Contributed Article
22 Dec 2001 Can Good Object-Oriented Design include Data-Aware Controls?
Many claim data-aware controls cannot co-exist with correctly designed object-oriented code. I intend to dispel that myth.
Wayne Niddery Contributed Article
11 Dec 2000 What is an AV, and how do I debug them
The basic steps to debug Access Violations in a win32 program.
Mat Duafala TI
8 Aug 2000 C++Builder Basics: Tutorial for Creating and Using a Static Library in C++Builder
Provides source code and a step-by-step procedure for creating and using a static library
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6 Jun 2000 What are TFrames, and how are they useful?
Using a TFrame to create your own specialized "control panels."
Christopher Moeller FAQ
7 Mar 2000 Putting MDI Children In A Dynamically Linked Library
This document discribes how and why to put MDI Children in a Package.
Kevin Scardina TI
29 Nov 1999 Dynamically loading a class from a dll.
Includes a short explaination and simple example of using virtual base classes as interfaces across an exe and a run-time loaded dll.
Vincent Drake TI
8 Nov 1999 C++ Patterns and Trees: Separating Knowledge
by Ruurd Pels
David Intersimone Article

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