Building and testing a Delphi for iOS app using

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: No Mac? No problem. Build, simulate, debug and App Store deploy your iOS apps using MacinCloud

The hosting service is now pre-installing the RAD Studio XE4 Platform Assistant Server on all of its user accounts so you can get up and running with it that much quicker. is a great service that complements RAD Studio so that you can build, simulate, debug, and App Store deploy iOS applications, as well as build, debug and deploy Mac applications without having a Mac on site. You can find your PAServer in the top center of the 3rd page of the LaunchPad. Double click on it and off you go.

In this short video, John Thomas "JT", Embarcadero Technologies Director of Product Management, shows you how easy it is to use the RAD Studio XE4 IDE to build and test a Delphi for iOS application without the need for a local Macintosh computer.

More information is available on JT's Embarcadero blog

Click here to see the special offer for Embarcadero customers on the MacinCloud web site

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