Submitting Wiki content on the Developer Network

By: John Kaster

Abstract: We have added two popular Wiki formats for easy content submission on the Developer Network

    Supported Wiki formats

You may submit content to the Developer Network in two popular Wiki formats:

When submitting your content, you simply select either of these two Wiki document formats from the File Format drop down. (These formats have been added below the HTML and Word document formats in the drop down control.)

    Adding content to the Developer Network

Whether you want to use HTML, Word, or Wiki format, the first step is the same: go to the area of the Developer Network where you want to add your content, and click the "Add Content" link.

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This link is available everywhere except on a specific article. There, you will instead find "translate" and "edit content" links which perform the same kind of function.

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Edit and Translate links

With our current look and feel, you can find these content entry links near the top right of the browser page. If you are not currently logged in, you'll be prompted to do so. You can also create an account at that time if you don't have one.

Once you're on the content submission page, enter the Title and Abstract (summary) fields, indicate the language in which you're writing your content, select the Wiki format you want to use, and start typing in the edit box provided.

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If you prefer, you can upload a wiki document instead.

  • If you want to use HTML, select it and you'll get a browser-based WYSIWYG editor for your HTML, with options to upload your html and attachments.
  • If you want to use MS Word compatible format, select it and you'll be able to upload the complete, rich document.

    Uploading documents and attachments

If you prefer using a local text editor instead of the browser to edit your documents, you can edit the document in your preferred text or Wiki editor, then upload it instead.

    Uploading your wiki document

If you want to upload your wiki document instead of using the in-place editor, your wiki document must have a .txt extension in order to be correctly processed. It will only be available for subsequent edits using the in-place editor if a .txt extension is used. The document parser also expects a file with a .txt extension for it to parse correctly.

    Uploading attachments (and your document)

Your Wiki document can be uploaded with all attachments (usually images) in one ZIP file (just like you can do with our support for HTML format).

Some processing rules to keep in mind:

  • If you're uploading attachments, you must include your wiki .txt document in the ZIP file as well.
  • Your ZIP file can only include one .txt file. Additional .txt files will be ignored.
  • Note! When uploading a ZIP file, the .txt file in the ZIP file will be used as your wiki document rather than the contents in the browser edit box. (We'll be addressing this usability issue soon.)
  • All references to any attachments also contained in your .zip file must be relative, without any additional paths.

    Support for Wiki article references

We have also introduced a special URL pattern on the Developer Network that uses the pattern "/wiki/<title>" to reference other Developer Network articles. Your "internal links" from both MediaWiki and Creole 1.0 are translated into HTML using this article title referencing pattern. Our wiki parsers automatically URL encode the <title> values contained in your wiki document, so you don't need to do that part yourself.

    User options when a referenced article is not found

If you have a link in your wiki document to an article whose title cannot be found, three different options are provided to the user to handle the missing article request.

For example, if you reference a missing article title called "foo" with an internal link, such as "[[foo]]" the options the user will see are:

  1. Create the "foo" article.
  2. Search for "foo" on all sites. ("all sites" means any CodeGear web site managed by GetPublished. This does not currently include CodeCentral or QualityCentral.)
  3. Search for "foo" in GetPublished.

    Handling multiple articles with the same title

Because our content management system predates our Wiki support, it is possible that more than one article may have the same title. In this case, the user is provided links to all articles matching the requested title.

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