Delphi 2007, C++Builder 2007, and RAD Studio 2007 documentation update

By: David Intersimone

Abstract: An update is available to the documentation for Delphi 2007, C++Builder 2007, and RAD Studio 2007. Use the IDE update interface or go to the registered customer download page.

By now, you all should have been notified by the IDE that you have an update available to the documentation for Delphi 2007, C++Builder 2007, and RAD Studio 2007. If you haven’t been notified, you can go to the Start menu and ask the product to "Check for Updates". In it you should see, among other things:

  • improved coverage throughout the help
  • a return of examples (more on that coming soon)
  • improved indexing and table of contents.
  • We’ve included the .Net SDK as part of the index

All of this was brought about by a lot of hard work from the doc team led by Dee Elling. I’ve been going around the world saying that we are going to be "constantly improving and frequently updating our documentation", and this is the first installment on that.

Our folks did a great job, but a large part of the credit also belongs to Markus Spoettel and the Doc-o-matic development team.  These guys have been a great partner, and really worked hard with us to get their tool to work with our XML files. A lot of the nice features in the help are a result of their work.  Any problems that exist are our fault, not theirs. They’ve been great, and their tool is truly excellent. 

There are a lot of great help development tools out there, but you can’t do any better than Doc-o-matic. If you are looking for a help development tool, please give them a look. Markus and his guys have done a lot of great work for us, and we are very grateful.

In addition to being available via the IDE update mechanism, the Help Update can also be downloaded from the registered users page here:

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