New C++ IDE from CodeGear™ Brings Rapid Application Development to Windows Vista™

By: David Intersimone

Abstract: Seamless Windows Vista support plus RAD visual development gives C++ developers greater speed and flexibility in applications development

CodeGear announced C++Builder 2007 for Win32 this week.

Read the press release.

Key features and capabilities provided by C++Builder include:

  • Seamless support for Microsoft Windows Vista Aero, Vista Desktop and Vista APIs
  • Increased ANSI C++ conformance and compatibility including Boost and Dinkumware library support
  • New C++ build flexibility and custom configurations powered by the Microsoft MSBuild engine
  • Up to 5 times in-IDE build performance improvements over prior versions
  • UML C++ source code visualization
  • Integrated C++ unit testing
  • New DBX 4 RAD data access with support for the latest versions of popular RDBMs including CodeGear InterBase®, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL®, Oracle®, IBM® DB2, and Sybase®
  • C++ IDE enhancements including virtual folders and enhanced C++ structure pane
  • New INDY 10 Internet Protocol component suite

C++Builder 2007 is currently scheduled to be available in early June in English, German, Japanese and French. For more information about C++Builder, visit

C++ is alive and well at CodeGear.

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