Public beta: STLport 4.5 for Borland C++ Builder 6

By: John Kaster

Abstract: Download the complete source for building a newer version of STLport for C++ Builder 6

You can now download the complete source for STLport 4.5, with changes that have been made since we shipped C++ Builder 6. It is available on CodeCentral at The zip file contains the complete source and documentation for the project.

Because this is a public beta, you must agree to a disclaimer before downloading the file. When you attempt to download the file, you will be asked if you agree to the disclaimer. After you agree, the file is then streamed directly from the web server. This streaming process normally prevents auto-resuming the file with a download manager. The file is currently 1.5 MB. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause if your download gets interrupted.

Build Instructions

  1. Unpack the STLport sources.
  2. Change directories to the STLport root (i.e. "cd STLport")
  3. Make STLport
    • To make single-threaded static STLport library: make
    • To make single-threaded dynamic STLport library: make -DDLL
    • To make multi-threaded static STLport library: make -DMT
    • To make multi-threaded dynamic STLport library: make -DMT -DDLL\
  4. Resulting libraries are in STLport\lib

Note: You may need to change the parameters to "md" and "rd" in bcb60.mak and bcb60mt.mak before building.

Further information

The documentation and source code for STLport is provided in the archive on CodeCentral. Open the index.html in the doc directory after extracting it for further information.

If you want to find out about STLport before downloading, you can see the following web sites:

  • is the home page
  • is the project web site
  • Bug reports

    Since there is no run-time library newsgroup for C++ Builder, use the borland.public.cppbuilder.language newsgroup for discussions on STLport problems. If you don't have newsgroup access, you can still participate in this newsgroup using the browser interface located at To file a bug report on it, use

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