JBuilder 4 Enterprise: Error: "Unlicensed copy of JDataStore. Use the License Manager in the DataStore Explorer to register JDataStore."

By: Josh Fletcher

Abstract: What to do if you see this error but you have already licensed JDataStore.


I have JBuilder 4 Enterprise. When I try to run my JDataStore program (for example, if you are following the InternetBeans Express tutorial), I get this error:

Unlicensed copy of JDataStore. Use the License Manager in the DataStore Explorer to register JDataStore.

However, I have already registered JDataStore through the License Manager. Why is this happening?


This seems to be caused, in a roundabout way, by a bug in JBuilder. To see if this issue applies to you, be sure you fit the following criteria:

  • You have JBuilder 4 Enterprise installed.
  • You have Inprise Application Server (IAS) 4.1 installed.
  • You have enabled the Application Server integration in JBuilder (under Tools | Enterprise Setup).

When you completed the Application Server integration JBuilder should have created a library called "IAS 4.1".

The bug is that, now that this library has been created, JBuilder may use this library instead of certian other libraries. This problem is illustrated by the InternetBeans Express tutorial mentioned above. At one point in the tutorial you add a QueryDataSet component to your servlet. Normally the JBuilder Designer would automatically add the "DataExpress" library to your project, since the QueryDataSet class is part of that library. However, since you now have the "IAS 4.1" library, which has its own copy of QueryDataSet, the Designer will add the "IAS 4.1" library instead.

Later in the tutorial, when it comes time to run the servlet, you may get the error above. This is caused by the fact that IAS also has a copy of the JDataStore libraries and JBuilder is using the wrong version. To fix this, go to your Project Properties and add the "DataExpress" and "JDataStore" libraries. You can then remove the "IAS 4.1" library.

If you need to have the "IAS 4.1" library in your project then add the libraries as above, but use the "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons to make it so that the "JDataStore" library appears before the "IAS 4.1" library. This will place the "JDataStore" library files earlier on the classpath for your project.


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