UNC connect string fails against databases on NetWare

By: Borland Staff

Abstract: You cannot UNC to connect to a database

When I specify the UNC path to my database on a NetWare server, it fails to connect yielding BDE errors
10014 ("Unknown Database") and 13059 ("Unable to complete network request to host "", the
InterBase error is -902).
Failed to establish a connection.  The system can not find the path specified."

The information in this article applies to:

* InterBase 4.x on NetWare

The UNC (or "double backslash" as it is sometimes called) notation is incompatible with connections to
NetWare-based databases.  A common scenario where this may develop is when a user specified an
alias in the BDE Administrator program.  When filling out the "SERVER NAME" parameter the user may
click on the Browse button (labeled with an elipsis), browse through NetWork Neighborhood and pick
the database which will return an UNC-type path.


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