Visual C++ project conversion tool (VCTOBPR.EXE)

By: Nate Lieby

Abstract: Examines the significance of project configuration options within the Visual C++ conversion tool.

Question: What is the significance of selecting the project configuration when using C++ Builder's Visual C++ project conversion tool?

Answer: Visual C++ allows the user to save multiple compiler options within a project, while Borland C++ Builder does not.

The user must pick a single build type to be converted to. The important thing for the user to decide is where they want to start once the conversion has been made. It is not required that one must reconvert the original project in order to to compile in another configuration. The configurations can be made from Builder, upon the converted project.

When converting complex projects, the conversion tool might sight errors, but those errors are in reference to the conversion tool running into settings that C++ Builder doesn't support. The conversion still executes successfully in the event of errors; the unsupported options are simply ignored.

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