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Here in the JDataStore Community weve placed white papers, FAQs, code snippets and other technical information that can help developers achieve their development goals faster and easier. Borland engineers and members of the JDataStore user community author the information provided. The JDataStore Community also provides access to the JDataStore newsgroup where you can interact with other users and the JDataStore development team. We welcome your participation and contributions to the JDataStore Community.


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15 Jun 2007 CodeGear Developer Network (CDN) News - June 2007 - Roadmap Chats, Developer Days, C++Builder 2007, Updates (JBuilder, Delphi, and PHP)
This is the June edition of the CodeGear Developer Network (CDN) newsletter. This newsletter is sent by email to all members who have the "Wants News" flag turned on in their membership profile.
David Intersimone Newsletter
3 Apr 2007 Community Chat with Jim Douglas, CEO of CodeGear - The Replays
Jim Douglas, new CEO of CodeGear, and developer relations held two community chats on Thursday April 5th. The replays and chat logs are now available for download.
David Intersimone Article
3 Apr 2007 Announcing: Jim Douglas, new CEO of CodeGear
Jim Douglas, new CodeGear CEO is responsible for driving CodeGear to the next level, building on the solid foundation and momentum achieved by the CodeGear team under Ben Smith’s leadership.
David Intersimone Article
26 Mar 2007 Developer Survey: Software Development as a Business Process
IDC, an independent world-wide market research company, and CodeGear, where developers matter, are conducting a worldwide survey to get a developer's perspective on Software Development as a Business Process.
David Intersimone Article
30 Nov 2006 CodeGear community chat with Ben Smith, CodeGear CEO - Monday, December 4, 2006 (replay)
Listen to the replay of the Monday, December 4th live chat with Ben Smith, CodeGear CEO, and David I
David Intersimone Video
14 Nov 2006 Press Release: Borland forming CodeGear to focus exclusively on developer productivity
This press release announces CodeGear - formerly Borland's Developer Tools Group.
David Intersimone Press Release
14 Nov 2006 Letter to our customers, partners, and fans from Ben Smith, CEO CodeGear
This article contains a personal letter from Ben Smith, CodeGear's CEO, to our customers, partners, and fans.
David Intersimone Article
14 Nov 2006 Borland forms CodeGear - FAQ
Answers to frequently asked questions about CodeGear, formerly Borland's Developer Tools Group
David Intersimone Article
8 Aug 2006 2006 US Developer Conference - Vote for Your Top10 Favorite Sessions
Don't miss out on this great opportunity to vote for your top 10 favorite sessions proposed for this year's Developer Conference. Polls close August 21.
Christine Ellis Article
13 Jul 2006 New QualityCentral features are now available
New options for re-opening reports, full synchronization with the internal system, the JBuilder 2006 client, and default notifications are some of the new features
John Kaster Article
23 Jun 2006 Automatic updates for QualityCentral reports
We are getting ready to turn automatic updates on for QualityCentral from "RAID", our internal bug tracking system. If you get update notifications for QC, please read this notice
John Kaster Article
13 May 2006 Welcome to BDN 2
Read a brief introduction to the new version of the Borland Developer Network
John Kaster Article
28 Mar 2006 BDNradio: Audio replay of live chat with "DevCo" luminaries
Read the chat log and listen to the audio replay of the live broadcast with well known members of the "DevCo" community of products
John Kaster Audio
23 Mar 2006 Borland developer community is invited to take part in the IDC developer survey on open source software
IDC, Borland, and other IT vendors are participating in a survey to get developer perspectives on open source software. We encourage the Borland developer community to take part in this survey.
David Intersimone Article
22 Mar 2006 BDNradio: Luminaries on DevCo - March 28th at 10am PST
Panel discussion on the future of development and database tools
Anders Ohlsson Article
13 Feb 2006 BDNradio: Live chat with Technology Partners about our Developer Tools
Listen to the replay of the chat Developer Relations had with our technology partners regarding the future of our Developer tools. It's a great source to dispell myths and rumors.
John Kaster Audio
10 Feb 2006 Borland tem planos de que uma empresa distinta assuma Delphi, JBuilder, C++Builder, InterBase, JDataStore e outros produtos de desenvolvedores
Em um borne do anúncio da imprensa e do blog de David I, Borland anuncia a aquisição do software de Segue e planeia-a também divest suas linhas de produto do IDE
John Kaster Article
9 Feb 2006 BDNRadio: Developer Tools Future chat replay
Listen to the replay of the audio chat regarding the future of our development tools
John Kaster Audio
8 Feb 2006 Borland plans separate company for its developer products
In a press announcement and David I blog post, Borland announces the acquisition of Segue Software and also plans to divest its IDE product lines
David Intersimone Article
30 Dec 2005 Mapping Borland Tools to the RUP - by Yuri Marx
RUP is the most used Software Engineering Process in the moment. Thus, in your Tool Mentors section are indicated Rational Tools for realizes the activities and produces artifacts. In paper, will be showed how to use Borland Tools.
Yuri Gomes Contributed Article

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