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24 Jul 2000 "Can't format message 19:33 - message file c:\interbas\interbase.msg not found"
Remove the INTERBASE environment variable and re-install the product.
Borland Staff FAQ
8 Feb 2002 "Can't load library can't open file" When starting InterBase on Red Hat
The error is due to Redhat 7.0, 7.1, or 7.2 not having this library
Gabe Goldfield FAQ
24 Jul 2000 ***ERROR*** /usr/interbase existing on the system. Aborting Install
Previous install of older version found in install directory. This error message occurs during installation when the directory /usr/interbase is detected and it is determined that the /usr/interbase does not belong to InterBase 5.5.
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 16-bit Local InterBase Deployment
The 16-bit local InterBase deployment includes installation of 16-bit local InterBase<BR>and BDE. See Readdk.txt for more details.
Borland Staff FAQ
28 Feb 2002 Access violation in _INS0432._MP
This error occurs when installing InterClient and you have a long classpath
Quinn Wildman FAQ
25 May 2001 After installing a simultaneous user license, why do I get the error "no database support" when trying to connect
A server license needs to be installed.
Gabe Goldfield FAQ
1 Feb 2001 Aladdin eSafe falsely reporting file is infected
Security patches are not infected
Tom Gardner FAQ
24 Jul 2000 Autostart services fail with "Access Denied" after InterClient 1.5 Install
Problem not caused by any of our products
Borland Staff FAQ
15 Jan 2003 Batch file to add the InterBase 7 patch
A simple batch file to automate the installation of the InterBase 7 server patch on Windows
Quinn Wildman FAQ
6 Oct 2005 BDNradio: 8 Hours of InterBase replay
Listen to the replay of the BDNradio broadcast of 8 hours on InterBase
John Kaster Audio
14 Jan 2001 Borland makes patch available for Interbase customers
Press release about the patch to fix the Interbase security hole
John Kaster Press Release
26 Sep 2006 Borland’s Developer Tools Group Introduces InterBase® 2007
Multi-Platform, Embeddable SQL Database Combines Enhanced Durability and Performance with Low Total Cost of Ownership
John Kaster Press Release
24 Jul 2000 Can't run setup.exe after unzipping the file from the website download
Make sure to include folder information when unzipping
Borland Staff FAQ
28 Mar 2003 CertWriteFailed error during install
The error CertWriteFailed can occur if your target directory is read only
Quinn Wildman FAQ
24 Jul 2000 Changing the Optimization of NT 4.0 Server
The release notes included with IB 4.2 for Windows NT have instructions for NT 3.51 instead of 4.0
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 Client application doesn't see events if NT Service Pack 2 or 3 is installed
Installing later service pack should resolve the problem
Borland Staff FAQ
13 Jan 2005 Client install does not update services file
The services file must be manually editied
Quinn Wildman FAQ
6 Feb 2004 Could not find a suitable Java Virtual Machine on your system.
The InterBase 7.1 uninstall will fail if it cannot find a suitable Java Virtual Machine.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
24 Jul 2000 Courseware PDF file printing
To print the courseware a special version is required
Borland Staff FAQ
29 Mar 2001 Custom installation of Interbase 6.0
My installer for Interbase 6.0 gets an error during installation, "Unable to Copy File".
Justin Swett FAQ

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