Mastering the Metadata: Methods for Quality and Agility

By: Michael Findling

Abstract: Ron Lewis Joins Embarcadero for a great discussion

Companies that master their metadata are masters of their domain.

That's because effective management of metadata enables the kind of visibility, agility and accuracy that create competitive advantage. New applications can be built and leveraged quickly. Older applications benefit from a strategic view of the enterprise. Compliance efforts are bolstered, while mergers and acquisitions can be accomplished quickly and effectively when an organization has a solid handle on its enterprise metadata. Tune into this episode of DM Radio to learn more! We'll hear from Rob Karel, Forrester; Tom Tague, OpenCalais Initiative; Ed Wrazen, Trillium; Dan Soceanu, DataFlux and Ron Lewis, Embarcadero.

Join us for "Mastering the Metadata: Methods for Quality and Agility" on July 15th at 12 pm PDT/3 pm EDT


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