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Abstract: CSC 235: Advanced Object-Oriented Programming

Essex County College
Advanced Object-Oriented Programming

Course Outline

CSC 235

    Credits: 4
    Prerequisites: CSC 225 Data Structures
    Corequisites: None
    Concurrences: None

    This course covers the object-oriented paradigm associated with programming in a network environment. The course will focus on topics that relate to developing object-oriented applications for the Internet, Intranets, and the World Wide Web.

    The Java programming language will be used to illustrate software development for network environments. Topics include applet construction, animation, class construction, exception handling, graphics, HTML interfacing, and user interface design. Students will be required to develop and implement a network application.

    Laboratory fee required.

    Course Objectives:
    Upon completion of the course, the student will be to:

    1. develop applications for a network environment;
    2. understand the advantages of object-oriented design techniques including encapsulation, abstraction, inheritance, and reusability;
    3. analyze application requirements and define the important objects;
    4. determine the method designs for each object;
    5. 5. create Java applets that run within a browser.

    Required Materials:
    Java How to Program
    H.M. Deitel, P.J. Deitel

    Lecture Notes

    Methods of Instruction:

    1. Lecture
    2. Laboratory Assignments
    3. Programming Examples

    Minimum Course Requirements:

    1. The reading of all assigned textbook chapters;
    2. Participation in class discussions;
    3. The completion of all laboratory assignments.

    Method of Evaluation:
    Passing average on all quizzes and examinations (75% or better); passing average on all programming assignments and homework assignments (70% or better); and a passing grade on the final examination (75% or better).

    Course Content

    1.Introduction to Java

      1.1 Language Design
      1.2 Technical Overview
      1.3 Applications
    2.Java Language
      2.1 Expressions, Operators, and Control Structures
      2.2 Classes, Packages, and Interfaces
      2.3 Threads and Multithreading
      2.4 Exception Handling
    3.Class Libraries
      3.1 Language Package
      3.2 Utilities Package
      3.3 I/O Package
    4.Applet Programming
      4.1 Applet Programming Overview
      4.2 HTML Interfacing
      4.3 Applet Package and Graphics
      4.4 Programming Applets
      4.5 Animation Programming
    5.Network Programming
      5.1 Introduction to Network Programming
      5.2 Java Network Programming
      5.3 Overview of Content and Protocol Handlers
      5.4 Retrieving Information from a Remote Site
      5.5 Sending Information to a Server
    6.Designing User Interfaces
      6.1 AWT
      6.2 Interface Layout Management
      6.3 Text Input
      6.4 Choice Components
      6.5 Dialog Boxes
      6.6 Menus
      6.7 Mouse Events
      6.8 Scroll Boxes
      7.1 Bandwidth Limitations
      7.2 Audio
      7.3 Graphics
      7.4 Multithreading
    8.Advanced Topics
      8.1 Multi-user Programming
      8.2 Debugging
      8.3 Native Methods and Libraries

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