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2 Nov 1999 Gathering gurus
Australia is the place to be in November for aficionados of object-oriented software. By Kevin D. Weeks.
Kevin D. Weeks Article
2 Nov 1999 Pushing the latest bits
You probably spend a lot of R&D and QA resources fixing bugs and making maintenance releases. But all that work is for naught if users don't know about, download, and install them. By Bob Arnson.
Bob Arnson Article
1 Nov 1999 Top stories
Daily news summary for 1 Nov. 1999 By Lisa Sandford.
Lisa A. Sandford Article
1 Nov 1999 Ruling the roost
And the surveys say...VB continues to hold its position as the primary language of most developers. By Tim Jones
Tim Jones Article
1 Nov 1999 We have mail!
A selection of the most interesting, insightful, provocative, and bizarre letters we received in response to last week's stories. By Bob Arnson.
Bob Arnson Article
1 Nov 1999 Stuck in Nashua
The fall conference season brings new opportunities to meet and learn from our peers. By Kevin D. Weeks.
Kevin D. Weeks Article
1 Nov 1999 Programmers or entrepreneurs?
When royalties are out of the question, programmers find innovative ways of earning profits, such as providing value-added services. New ways of making business out of open source are being invented every day. By Juancarlo Aqez.
Juancarlo Anez Article
1 Nov 1999 Delphi Web Technology Links
This page provides a list of links to 3rd party web site that pertain to Delphi Web Technologies
Charles Calvert Article
1 Nov 1999 Changing JBuilder 3 - Windows Edition Help font size.
How to change the JBuilder 3 - Windows Edition Help system font size if the provided option does not work.
Josh Fletcher FAQ
1 Nov 1999 InternetExpress Live Chat Transcript from Oct 28th, 1999
InternetExpress Transcript from live chat Oct. 28th.
John Kaster Article
29 Oct 1999 The curse of the useless upgrade
Downloading an unnecessary update package can lead your users to curse. By John White
John White Article
29 Oct 1999 Internet incantations
The Internet can sometimes make a company's interface to its users frighteningly up close and personal. By Constance Petersen
Constance Petersen Article
29 Oct 1999 Tricks and treats
Daily news summary for 29 October 1999. By Kevin D. Weeks .
Kevin D. Weeks Article
29 Oct 1999 Crystal ball
The ability to predict the future is almost as important as being able to design and implement programs. By Kevin D. Weeks.
Kevin D. Weeks Article
29 Oct 1999 A matter of balance
If the software industry suffers from testosterone poisoning, what's the cure? And is it worse than the disease? By J.D. Hildebrand.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
29 Oct 1999 Installing Turbo C++ 3.0 from the Turbo Suite CD
"Path Not Found" error during installation
Sam Patterson FAQ
28 Oct 1999 Web Browser Not Found
Help Menu options to website throw "Web Browser Not Found"
Sam Patterson FAQ
28 Oct 1999 How do I create an array of TStringList?
Creating Arrays of VCL objects
Sam Patterson FAQ
28 Oct 1999 Template metaprogramming
With template metaprogramming the compiler acts as a virtual computer, emitting code optimized for a specific purpose or environment. By Steve Downey.
Steve Downey Article
28 Oct 1999 Top stories
Daily news summary for 28 October 1999. By Barb Stefaney.
Barbara Stefaney Article

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