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Technical Articles


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27 Oct 1999 BDE and the Year 2000
BDE and the Year 2000
Quinn Wildman TI
26 Oct 1999 Navigating the Borland Community Site Reference
This article shows how to navigate through the Borland Community Site
Charles Calvert Article
26 Oct 1999 CBuilder and Direct3D
The notes to Charlie Calvert's talk on learning about Direct3d and using it with CBuilder.
Charles Calvert Article
26 Oct 1999 Outline of C++Builder and the VCL Talk
This the outline for Charlie Calvert's BCB and the VCL Talk
Charles Calvert Article
26 Oct 1999 Top stories
Daily news summary for 26 October 1999. Edited by Karen Blenkner.
Karen Blenker Article
26 Oct 1999 Close at hand
Success as a developer depends not only on what you can do but what you know. The right library provides a solid foundation. By Bruce Eckel.
Bruce Eckel Article
26 Oct 1999 Corporate colonialism
Big business tries to extend its control over the land of small, independent Internet settlements. By Jim Kyle.
Jim Kyle Article
26 Oct 1999 Back again
In a reversal of its decision to cancel the MVP program, Microsoft has announced the program has been reinstated. By Kevin D. Weeks.
Kevin D. Weeks Article
26 Oct 1999 Two heads are better than one
Or three or four. The quest for the biggest monitor follows the road to very expensive credit card bills. Does size really matter? By Bob Arnson.
Bob Arnson Article
26 Oct 1999 Notes to CBuilder and Corba Talk
These are notes to Charlie Calvert's introductory talk to C++Builder and CORBA
Charles Calvert Article
26 Oct 1999 CBuilder Direct3D Examples
Here are some examples showing how to use Direct3D with CBuilder
Charles Calvert Article
25 Oct 1999 Charlie Calvert's Notes for his Direct3D Talk
Here are the notes for the Direct3D talk I made in 1998 and 1999
Charles Calvert Article
25 Oct 1999 Replication nightmare
Replication, like other forms of sorcery, can be either blessing or curse to developers. It all depends on the foresight of the apprentice. By Tim Jones.
Tim Jones Article
25 Oct 1999 We have mail!
A selection of the most interesting, insightful, provocative, and bizarre letters we received in response to last week's stories. Edited by Bob Arnson.
Bob Arnson Article
25 Oct 1999 Top stories
Daily news summary for 25 October 1999. Edited by Lisa A. Sandford.
Lisa A. Sandford Article
25 Oct 1999 Making a list
Deadlines have a vicious habit of sneaking up on unwary developers. But if you know what you know and know what you don't know they can be managed. By Kevin D. Weeks.
Kevin D. Weeks Article
25 Oct 1999 The lesson of Agincourt
Open source programming underdogs may have more advantages than their critics imagine. But whether they win or lose in the end, it's their story that inspires. By Juancarlo Aqez.
Juancarlo Anez Article
25 Oct 1999 DelphiX Tutorial
A Tutorial on the popular DelphiX components. These components help you use the DirectX APIs.
Charles Calvert Article
22 Oct 1999 Road work ahead
The new DNA 2000 superhighway is still under construction. Stay on the tried-and-true, blue highways of client-server application. By John White.
John White Article
22 Oct 1999 Head count
A new report by the US Census Bureau shows a dramatic increase in computer use in the United states. By Kevin D. Weeks.
Kevin D. Weeks Article

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