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19 Mar 2008 Using String Attributes in ECO IV dbExpress Applications
This article discusses a potential problem with using string attributes in ECO IV applications which use the dbExpress persistence mapper, and provides a solution to overcome it.
David Clegg Article
23 Aug 2007 ECO Developer's Guide Overview
ECO Developer's Guide Overview
Nick Hodges Article
10 Jul 2007 CodeGear and CapableObjects Collaborate to Take ECO into the Future
Article and FAQ about CapableObjects, the new company taking ECO forward.
Nick Hodges Contributed Article
11 Jun 2007 Implementing the Command pattern in ECO applications
The article explains how to implement the Command pattern in CodeGear ECO applications, making use of ECO Undo/Redo facilities
Oleg Zhukov Contributed Article
29 Mar 2007 Using Borland ECO with Developer Express controls
This article explains how to use both basic and advanced features of Developer Express UI controls in ECO WinForms applications
Oleg Zhukov Contributed Article
18 Sep 2006 ECO Example: Backup Utility
Created as an ECO learning vehicle for myself, it acts as a practical example demonstrating various abilities of ECO and that, even for such a modest project, ECO is an advantage and should never be considered “overkill”.
Wayne Niddery Contributed Article
13 Jul 2006 ECO State Machines
Enterprise Core Objects (ECO) is a powerful application framework that provides both a design and runtime environment. The current version of ECO adds the State Machine diagram to model the behavior of classes.
Gerard van.der.Pol Article
6 Jul 2006 ECO III: Using IOclService
....or: The story about IObject and IElement.
Holger Flick Contributed Article
14 Feb 2006 Report Writing for an ECO Application
This article shows how easy report writing is with an ECO application, given suitable tools. It also demonstrates using derived attributes and OCLColumns in an application and adding ECO support to an existing unit.
Dick Walker Contributed Article
14 Sep 2005 Real life complexity with ECOII. Part 1.
Article shows how to build a project planner application with the ECOII Framework
Hans Karlsen Contributed Article
13 Aug 2005 Using VCL.NET with ECO
Demonstrates using VCL.NET as the presentation framework for ECO applications. Updated to include TListConnector
David Clegg Contributed Article
4 Aug 2005 ECO II and ASP.NET Web Applications
This tutorial demonstrates the new capabilities of Enterprise Core Objects (ECO) II to be used in ASP.NET Web applications with Borland. Delphi. 2005.
Bob Swart Article
18 Jul 2005 Combining ECO OCL constraint validation with ASP .net page validation
This article will describe how to combine the power of class based OCL constraints in ECO with ASP .net page validation.
Peter Morris Contributed Article
18 Jul 2005 What is ECO anyway?
This article provides an overview of ECO
Peter Morris Contributed Article
30 Mar 2005 Using the Object Constraint Language with ECO
This article describes basic OCL types and navigation, with some brief examples showing how OCL is used in Delphi.
John Bushakra Article
18 Feb 2005 Whitepaper: Delphi 2005 and ECO II
Using an existing enterprise database with Borland. ECO II and Borland Delphi. 2005
Troy Kitch White Paper
13 Feb 2005 A case study for ECO II: An ASP.NET web site
This article outlines Peter's experiences of rewriting using ECO
Peter Morris Contributed Article
22 Jul 2004 ECO Optimism
Malcolm Groves blogs about ECO's optimistic locking
John Kaster Article
22 Jul 2004 ECO associations
Malcolm Groves blogs about associations in ECO
John Kaster Article
22 Jul 2004 All about ECO
Malcolm Groves has a series of blog posts on ECO that really belong articles on BDN. Here's an entry point to his articles
John Kaster Article

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