Mastering Metadata Whitepaper by Robin Bloor & Rebecca Jowiak

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: Sponsored by Embarcadero Technologies

Mastering Metadata by Robin Bloor & Jessica Jowiak

Have you mastered your metadata?

 Metadata defines the structure of data in files and databases, providing detailed information about data and objects. You need to manage your metadata resource to share data effectively.

In this white paper, Robin Bloor discusses the value of metadata and the importance of organizing it well. Register to download the paper and learn about the benefits of the ER/Studio Team Server, which enables you to:

  • Collaborate on metadata across your organization
  • Manage disparate data sources and definitions
  • Establish an enterprise glossary of business definitions and data elements
  • Improve communication between teams

Only a meaningful, managed, collaborative environment can produce the level of investment that organizations expect. See how ER/Studio Team Server can help you better manage your enterprise data.

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