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LMD-Tools 2014 for Delphi/C++Builder

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Discover the most extensive and powerful productivity set available! Whatever you want to develop, LMD-Tools is the real thing. This toolbox provides easy-to-use components for all the power you want to implement in your projects. Furthermore LMD-Tools controls provide unique features you won't find in any other component suite
LMD-Tools covers more than 426 components for any task you can imagine. Following component groups are only examples for the broad range of available components: LMD Tools includes controls for superior interface design, system programming, file controls, database applications, internet-/web-components, multimedia, text/data input (RichEdit), display of formatted text and many more.
Most of the visual components support transparency, advanced font effects (3D, outline, ..), different backgrounds or -effects. In latest version an integrated parser supports display of formatted text (e.g. HTML) for many controls.
All together, they form a solid base for your development.
Since the LMD 2007 release LMD-Tools, LMD ElPack and LMD IDE-Tools share the same core runtime. This avoids redundant code and provides common advanced features for all major LMD products. This includes a shared Unicode library, improved HTMLRenderer (including support for display of TGraphic descendants) and shared imagelist support (all main LMD imagelist container are part of the LMD Shared Runtime packages), advanced designtime support (completely new editors for all LMD container controls, new component editor for TLMDGraphicList) and much more. Other examples are:
* XML Support Library - A new, extremly fast and fully unicode-enabled XML support library was added. It adds only a small footprint to your Exe-files. XML data can be loaded from files, custom streams, resources or strings. Like other new support libraries this one is written completely in Pascal - no need for additional DLL's or Object files.
* New RegEx Engine. Besides that Regular Expression evaluation support was updated! The RegEx support from previous version was replaced by a new unicode-enabled native RegEx library with PRCE compatible syntax.
* Support of new compression formats - Support for additional compression formats was added. Besides LZRW and other simple compression formats, which were supported already in previous releases, two new major compression formats are available: On the one hand ZLlib support, which is similar to the known implementation with C++ object files - except that it is a true native Pascal solution which was also ported to VCL.NET. Using ZLIB compression any kind of data (including TStream objects) is possible. On the other hand support of compressing/decompressing CAB files was added.
* PNG support and new TLMDBitmap object - The LMD 2007 Runtime includes native support for PNG files (as TGraphic implementation and with TLMDPNGImageList control). PNG files can be used in your apps like any other TGraphic formats like TBitmap or TJpeg. A new TLMDBitmap class was introduced, which is derived from TBitmap and mainly utilizes the Windows built-in OleLoadPicture function. GIF, JPEG, Icon or Bitmap Files can be loaded without additional special VCL libs (features are not available In VCL.NET, because support of different graphic formats is available through ImageFormat in TBitmap property already).
* Validator Controls - The LMD Validator framework introduces a set of components which allow implementation of professional-level client-side validation in an elegant and simple way without writing much code (often without any code at all). The two main tasks taken over by the validator and error provider controls are: To check for validity a value entered by a user into some input control and to provide feedback about validation results (e.g. to indicate an error) in some way.
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