Develop Software that Speaks and Listens with RAD Studio and Chant Developer Workbench

By: Tim DelChiaro

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Chant Developer Workbench

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Develop Software that Speaks, Listens, and Interacts with Users

When building applications, it’s essential that you have the right tools to get the job done.

Now you can develop applications that speak, listen, and interact with users using Developer Workbench from Chant. You can easily manage conversations, grammars, profiles, lexicons, recognizers, synthesizers, text-to-speech markup, and movement directly within application software you develop.

Chant Developer Workbench is comprised of tools and components for for integrating speech and natural user interface technology.

The Chant Developer Workbench toolset provides development and testing environment for working with:
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Chant is a leading provider of software and services that help organizations gain competitive advantage using speech and natural user interface technology. We help organizations identify and implement the most attractive opportunities appropriate for their company and industry. As the first company to provide engine-independent component software for developing desktop, web-enabled, and telephony applications that use speech technology, Chant can help you implement applications that allow you to interact with your computer.

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