Modernize your Windows Applications with RAD Studio XE6, C++Builder XE6 and Delphi XE6

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: New styles, components and extending your Windows apps to mobile


Modernize your Windows applications with RAD Studio XE6
New styles, components and extending your Windows apps to mobile


RAD Studio XE6 is a must-have upgrade for all developers whether you’re developing for Windows or for the latest mobile devices and wearables.

Modernize your Windows applications with RAD Studio XE6
Windows XP is officially retired. Now is the time to modernize your VCL Windows applications and get your customers onto a supported platform with the latest technologies. Get RAD Studio XE6 and:

  • Apply an updated Windows 7 or 8.1 custom look to your applications with new VCL styles and menu and border styling
  • Extend your Windows applications to mobile with no need to port the entire application. Create mobile companion apps and connect using new app tethering components
  • Access device sensors like GPS and add cool new taskbar features to your applications with new VCL components

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VCL application with custom style and mobile companion app

And that’s just the start. XE6 includes hundreds of enhancements to core features like the RTL and FireDAC data access, 64-bit packages for C++, DirectX 11, Apache and a focus on quality and performance for the best development and runtime experience.

  • Take your mobile apps to the next level by integrating cloud-based BaaS services including authentication and push notifications, and monetize your mobile apps with in app purchasing and advertising
  • Develop for Android and wearables with Delphi and C++ Create Android and iOS apps with both Delphi and C++, and even target Google Glass!

Attention XE5 Registered Users: You qualify for the Recharge upgrade price to XE6. Choose the Recharge upgrade that matches your XE5 product/edition and save more than 50% off the regular upgrade price.

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Additional free software including VCL and FireMonkey Premium Style Packs, and the TMS Modern Windows UI Pack if you buy or upgrade now. See offers

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"I never fail to be amazed when the application I wrote on Windows, with the click of a button, launches on my iPad or my Android."

James Nachbar, MD


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