Wrapping Up 2013: Finish Your Year in Style

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: End of Year Message on C++Builder


Wrapping Up 2013: Finish Your Year in Style


Wrapping Up 2013: Finish Your Year in Style

As we approach the end of the year, developers are scrambling to complete projects before they disappear for the holidays and vacations.

C++Builder XE5 can help speed up your development and get those last minute Windows, OS X and iOS projects completed before you take some well-deserved time off.

With XE5’s rapid application prototyping, multi-device development, LiveBindings, FireDAC optimized SQL database access components and more, you’ll be smiling as you walk out the office door for your holiday and end of year adventures.

Besides all the great capabilities in XE5, we also have some wonderful year end special offers as an extra special bonus for you.

Check them out here!

Best Wishes,

David Intersimone
VP of Developer Relations




"It has never been so easy to quickly come up with a working demo application that can be shown to an anxious paying customer."

Anthony West
ASW Software



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