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By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: C++Builder XE3 Supports Windows 64

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Want More? Get it Here.
C++Builder XE3 Supports Windows 64
64-bit support was the top-rated request from customers like you, and C++Builder XE3 delivers. If you’re ready for 64-bit now, upgrade to C++Builder XE3 here or take a look at our special offers on C++Builder.

Want more information before you upgrade? Here are a few resources for you:

  • For a market perspective on “C++Builder in a 64-bit World,” take a look at this blog post from John Thomas, Embarcadero’s Director of Product Management. 
  • If you’re planning a transition to 64-bit, Bruneau Babet of Embarcadero’s engineering team offered this essential session at our recent CodeRage 7 online conference. 
  • For the last word on 64-bit support, our VP of Developer Relations, David Intersimone, has pulled together a list of 64-bit resources he’s built over the last couple of months. Starting with “Your First C++11 Application,” David I. covers topics ranging from using Boost to inlining Assembler. There’s something for everyone.

So, whether you’re simply moving to 64-bit, or seeking to support Windows and Mac OS X with a single codebase (with iOS and Android coming soon), Embarcadero’s C++Builder XE3 will get you there.

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