Deliver web and mobile apps 5x faster with HTML5 Builder

By: Tim DelChiaro

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Deliver web and mobile apps 5x faster with HTML5 Builder

Get ready for the next step in web and mobile development. New HTML5 Builder is here and takes web and mobile app development to the next level with an updated IDE, new HTML5 support and new mobile development capabilities that make it the best choice yet for web app and mobile app development. Get started and experience the new version today! 

Here are some top reasons why HTML5 Builder is a must-have upgrade for web and mobile developers

Multiplatform mobile development
Create mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry using a single HTML5, JavaScript, PHP and CSS3 codebase.

HTML5 Components
New components including canvas, geolocation and audio/video make it easy to incorporate the latest HTML5 features into your applications in a simple, component-based way.

jQuery Mobile UI Theming
Create new color schemes for your mobile applications by dragging and dropping colors onto your UI controls. CSS files are automatically generated for you to be used to style a control or an entire mobile application to your liking.

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