Delphi 1-2009 users – upgrade to Delphi XE3 before time runs out

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: Upgrade pricing ends December 31st for users of version 2009 and earlier

Note: This is a US and Canada email and mentions values in US dollars for those countries. 


Now is the time to upgrade to Delphi XE3

There has never been a better time to upgrade to Delphi XE3 or RAD Studio XE3. Upgrade today and get the latest support for creating cross-device applications for multiple versions of Windows and Mac OS X and your last chance to get up to $2,500 in savings and extras that end December 31, 2012.


If you are still using Delphi 2009 or earlier and haven’t moved forward to a later version yet, you only qualify for upgrade pricing through December 31, 2012. After that time, you will have to pay the new user price to move forward to XE3. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save hundreds of dollars. Upgrade by December 31st.

Here’s why Delphi XE3 is a must-have upgrade for Delphi 1-2009 users

Upgrade now and get access to all these bonus offers!

Upgrade to Delphi XE3 or RAD Studio XE3 now and you can qualify for up to three additional special offers totaling $2,500 in savings and free extras:

  • Free HTML5 Builder with purchase of Delphi XE3
  • Upgrade price for users of ANY earlier version – save up to 45%
  • Get Ultimate Edition at the Enterprise price
  • Free RAD Bonus Pack including TMS Grid for FireMonkey, Jet Style Pack for FireMonkey and the Mida VCL to FireMonkey Converter

Click here for details. For volume purchases, please call us at 1-888-233-2224.

Upgrade to Delphi XE3 by December 31st and get up to $2,500 in savings and extras!

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