HTML5 Builder Update 1 が公開されました

By: Tomohiro Takahashi

Abstract: この記事では、HTML5 BuilderおよびRAD Studio XE3のユーザー向けに提供される、HTML5 Builderのアップデートについて説明します。

HTML5 Builder Update 1 がダウンロード可能になりました。

HTML5 Builder Update 1はこちらからダウンロードしてください。

このアップデートは、HTML5 Builder/RAD Studio XE3/All-Accessの登録ユーザーのにみ提供されます。

HTML5 Builderは、需要の高まるWeb/モバイル向け開発を劇的に効率化します。HTML5、CSS3、JavaScriptによる単一のコードベースから、Web、iOS、Android、BlackBerry、Windows Phone向けアプリケーションを構築可能。開発の複雑性を大幅に軽減します。バックエンドサーバーの開発には業界標準のPHP5を利用。ビジュアルツールにより開発を効率化します。さらに、HTML5 BuilderのIDEでは、アジャイルワークフローをサポート。Webデザイナーなど、多くのスタッフが関わるWeb/モバイル開発での作業を円滑に行えるようにします。多様なデバイスへの配布、サーバーサイド開発のサポートにより、HTML5 Builderは、Webおよびモバイル向け開発を強力にバックアップします。


HTML5 Builder

  • The generated AndroidManifest.xml file no longer has an invalid activity entry. (QC109026)
  • Fixed the JavaScript Code Insight feature that caused HTML5 Builder crashes. (QC108864)
  • Fixed the font settings that were not being persistently applied to the Code Editor. (QC108568)
  • HTML5 Builder no longer crashes when selecting two documentation resources one right after the other. (QC108981)
  • PHP Code Insight will no longer show duplicated entries.
  • The Mobile Theme Designer no longer changes the theme CSS code if not needed.
  • Projects opened from Recent Projects are no longer included in the current project group; a new group is created instead now.
  • Xajax is now included during the Client Deployment if needed.
  • The Mobile Deployment now handles all errors from the PhoneGap Build service.
  • Fixed some issues with property editors on Windows Vista.
  • The Object Inspector does not show wrong property names anymore when selecting different components.
  • HTML5 Builder will now successfully open server pages with templates.


  • Fixed ajaxCall. (QC108544)
  • The OnMobileInit event is now triggered on client mobile applications. (QC108905)
  • Fixed the Pager component that was not working properly.
  • Fixed the MList component that was not working as expected when modified from a server-side event handler.
  • Fixed the layout of controls inside a container in client pages.
  • The value of MCheckBoxGroup and MRadioGroup gets changed despite handling their OnClick server-side event.
  • RadioGroup's Orientation is now working.
  • Fixed ZMail not working in combination with ZLog.
  • CheckBox's Hidden property affects now both the checkbox and the label.
  • It is now possible to define two animations with the same name in two different Animation components.
  • MCollapsibleSet supports custom themes now.
  • The Height of the Button control is not ignored anymore in WebKit and Mac OS X.
  • Animations now work on IE.
  • Extended MEdit's InputType values to match Edit's.
  • The map object in GoogleMap and MMap is now globally available.
  • Fixed some PHP warnings.
  • Prevented the generation of invalid HTML:
    • When using Smarty templates.
    • When using MLink.
    • When using ZCaptcha.
  • Allowed disabling the CSS vendor extensions for the TrackBar and the ProgressBar.
  • MSlider no longer provides the ReadOnly property.


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