HTML5 Builder upgrade for RadPHP and Delphi for PHP users - Try the new version free!

By: Tim DelChiaro

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HTML5 Builder - Deliver Web and mobile applications 5x faster - Learn More

HTML5 Builder is the new upgrade for RadPHP and Delphi for PHP users – Download a free trial!
Get ready for the next step in web and mobile development. New HTML5 Builder is here and takes RadPHP to the next level with an updated IDE, new HTML5 support and new mobile development capabilities that make it the best choice yet for web app and mobile app development. Get started and experience the new version today! 

Here’s why HTML5 Builder is a must-have upgrade for RadPHP users

Multiplatform mobile development
Now you can create mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry using a single HTML5, JavaScript, PHP and CSS3 codebase. Compile your mobile apps using PhoneGap and the native phone SDKs on your machine. Or compile in the cloud using the integrated PhoneGap Build system, without the need to install any SDKs on your machine.

Workflow Optimized UI
HTML5 Builder has been optimized for usability. Context based workflows only display tools and menus that are applicable to the user's current action, making application development easier and faster than ever before.

HTML5 Components
Canvas - Dynamically draw and render 2D and 3D shapes and images using JavaScript. Draw basic shapes, create fluid drawings and charts, add effects to photos and even apply animations and effects to videos.

Geolocation - Show the user's current location on a map, display location specific information to your customers and more. Use it in mobile web apps to show nearby events or on your website to get details on your customer's current location, connection speed and more.

Audio & Video - Videos and audio clips are rendered directly in the browser, displaying the browser's native media controls. Easily play movies or audio tracks on your website. Or develop your own advanced media player with custom skins or combine it with the canvas component to apply stunning visual effects to your videos. The possibilities are endless.

CSS3 Styling and Animations
With CSS3 support in HTML5 Builder, you can set and customize CSS3 properties for each user interface element. HTML5 Builder also offers an intuitive visual interface for creating CSS3 animations and generates CSS3 code that can be viewed and edited in the Code Editor.

jQuery Mobile UI Theming
Create new color schemes for your mobile applications by dragging and dropping colors onto your UI controls. CSS files are automatically generated for you to be used to style a control or an entire mobile application to your liking.

Live Preview
Write your own HTML and JavaScript code or use an existing template. See code changes live and get a live preview of your project. Design and customize existing HTML5 Builder UI components through CSS3 property and animation editors and embed them in your client page with Live Preview.

Code Insight for HTML, JavaScript, JQuery and PHP
Code Insight is now available HTML, JavaScript, JQuery and PHP, providing instant access to information as you code your application. Code Insight offers code completion by displaying hints with relevant elements as you type and shows tools tips for expressions and symbols.

Amazing Charts with TeeChart Lite
TeeChart Lite for HTML5 Builder plots charts to all compatible browsers in native JavaScript format using the HTML5 Canvas element. Charts can be added at design-time to Web Server, Web client and Web mobile pages and programmed in PHP and JavaScript.

Now is a great time to get started with HTML5 Builder!

Take your web and mobile development to the next level. Experience the new HTML5 Builder idea and see what you can create.

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