How can I buy a license for CodeWright?

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: CodeWright 7.5 software, licenses and downloads are available from Embarcadero

How can I buy a legal license for CodeWright and download CodeWright 7.5 software?

CodeWright licenses, formerly available from Borland and CodeGear, are now available from Embarcadero. You can purchase CodeWright 7.5 for Windows either as a new user or an upgrade from an earlier version.

CodeWright is available from the Embarcadero online store at or from Embarcadero Sales or select Embarcadero partners.

CodeWright®, The Programmer’s Editing System™, is made to facilitate real-time communication and sharing of code between developers. With CodeWright, combine compilers, version control and other external tools into a powerful, unified environment. Easily customizable, CodeWright provides bi-directional synchronization with Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET and Borland® Delphi™ and C++ Builder®. Edit files in either environment without losing information, while capitalizing on the strongest features within CodeWright and your IDE.

Take your development to the next level, automating repetitive tasks with API, Perl, AppBasic and keystroke macros, or use the CodeWright modular architecture to extend its functionality with add-on DLLs and program source.

Please note that as a Classic Product, Embarcadero offers no further enhancements or support for this product.

System Requirements

  • System: A 486-class machine is required as a minimum, with at least 16MB of RAM. Performance will vary depending on the video adapter, driver and video mode you have selected.
  • Memory: CodeWright requires a minimum of 16MB of memory to operate.
  • Windows: You must be running Windows 98, 2000, or XP or greater.
  • Storage: A hard drive is required. CodeWright will store temporary files on the hard drive, or other location specified for temporary files. The amount of storage space required varies according to the size and number of files that are being edited.

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