Embarcadero Prism XE2 Update 1 (September 2011 Release) がリリースされました

By: Tomohiro Takahashi

Abstract: この記事では、Embarcadero Prism XE2の最新アップデートの入手方法について説明します

Embarcadero Prism XE2 の Update 1 が利用可能になりました。このアップデートには多数の不具合修正が含まれます。

Embarcadero Prism XE2 Update 1 (September 2011 Release) をダウンロードする

今回の新バージョンはアップデートダウンロードとして提供されます。Embarcadero Prism XE2の初期リリース版のインストールイメージに適用することが可能です。Embarcadero Prism XE2RAD Studio XE2(Embarcadero Prism XE2を含みます)/Embarcadero All-Accessの登録済みユーザーのみがダウンロード可能です。今回のアップデートはインラインリリースではないため、上記の製品を購入した新規ユーザーがソフトウェアをインストールする場合、今回のバージョンのインストーラを自動的に入手できるわけではありません。


New in the "September 2011" Release, Version 5.0.29 (Build .917)

(Status: September 30, 2011, Revision master-f3049a0) "Embarcadero Prism XE2, Update 1"

this is a bug-fix release only, no new features


  • 50583: "An Error occurred in an extension" - preventative NRE checks
  • 50538: vars declared w/o assignment in a loop are not ([p]re-)initialized to nil the second time around
  • 50527: places where CC doesn't work in Android project
  • 50520: complete method does not escape parameter names
  • 50503: "class property" CC-completes to regular s=instance var
  • 50502: Structures (records) aren't marked as sequential by default
  • 50498: Designing a designable class without resx gives warnings when the resx gets added by the IDE
  • 50463: Select All, then Cut kills app
  • 50441: Editor exception
  • 50427: Oxygene code fails at runtime when having a complex filter after an exception
  • 50420: ArgumentNullException when opening ASP.NET project created with old Oxygene version
  • 50417: Property completion inserts at wrong place
  • 50416: No CC in EE method
  • 50390: The suggested name for Application Configuration File is wrong
  • 50384: Internal Error (NRE)
  • 50377: More CC issues in Android Uses Clause
  • 50367: Can't set a breakpoint method Tokenizer.SetPos(Dest: IPosition; aAllowHidden: System.Boolean);
  • 50366: Can't set a breakpoint in a file that's not part of a project
  • 50354: CC inside string constant
  • 50353: Member drop-down list contains superfluous elements
  • 50348: Compiler errors are only reported against a temporary source file and not the actual Code Behind file for an asp.net page
  • 50347: Changes to var record parameters are lost in some cases
  • 50346: Using dynamic viewbag more than once causes internal compiler error
  • 50345: Setting a record field in a by-var parameter
  • 50344: Dispose and nil does not call dispose
  • 50321: Index is out of range exception in BufferUtil.Updater - AddImplMethod
  • 50316: csM messes up coloration and doesn't position cursor correctly
  • 50311: Consts that turn into variables don't end up public
  • 50310: Old style "with" code does not verify
  • 50297: WinForm: Problem with changing modifier-value of component
  • 50296: Code fails to compile in Develop, but not in Stable
  • 50288: More CC issues
  • 50287: VS doesn't add mscorlib reference to Oxygene project when it is not there
  • 50283: Over-zealous warning
  • 50276: Can't use certain array types between assemblies
  • 50267: Installer does not remove old entries from the Path
  • 50247: Can't open WPF forms from DASM7 project
  • 50244: Array issues in v5 compiler
  • 50240: Two issues with v5 compiler
  • 50235: BC7Client fails with NRE, when variable is assigned
  • 50228: Customer project does not compile since v5 compiler
  • 50227: Problem with properties' binding invoking
  • 50210: ASP.NET MasterPage Selector doesn't show
  • 50208: NRE causes VS error dialog on project load
  • 50199: CC in system calls broken
  • 50192: Compilation of newly created "WinForms server" fails
  • 50169: Internal error in compiler with nested set types
  • 50168: Can't rename .aspx files
  • 50167: Internal error in compiler with forward declaration of nested method
  • 50163: ShineOn will not compile with v5
  • 50119: NullReference Exception in compiler if method is missing from the implementation
  • 50105: SEHExcption thrown when calling method with default-nil nullable DateTime
  • 50104: Invalid hint (or potentially bad compile) on assigned() check for nullable datetime
  • 50096: (E0) Internal error: NRE in 903
  • 50052: class reference bug
  • 50038: Error message for 'assembly public' modifiers
  • 50019: CustomAttributeFormatException when trying to get attributes
  • 49997: Nested types don't show up in CC
  • 49995: Editor exception after file rename
  • 49973: IDE incompatibility with Enhanced Scroll Bar of Power Productivity Tools
  • 49940: Make BC7Client sources compile with new Oxygene compiler
  • 49879: "Build Action" is not a drop-down for nested files (ie .Designer.pas, resx, etc)
  • 49856: Empty project properties
  • 49811: Broken CC in Android uses class, gives android.* only
  • 49679: Bad/overzealous 'downgrade" check in installer
  • 49613: Compiler should not allow "private abstract" methods
  • 49570: "Go To Definition" and "Go To Type Definition" should be grouped together in context menu
  • 49540: Editor Navigation drop-down doesn't end up at correct member
  • 49527: No CC on IPhoneNotifier.Instance members
  • 48087: WPF/Xaml public bug
  • 48038: Dragged -in file has no syntax highlighting
  • 47986: VS shortcut Ctrl-Shift-S (Save All) doesn't work with Oxygene installed.
  • 45546: Pre/Post-Build Events get lost when reopening project (regression)
  • 43505: "Delphi compatible division operators" compatibility mode does not apply to constants

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