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By: Tim DelChiaro

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CodeRage 6 - the online conference for software developers - is coming October 17-21.

Register now so you can attend the following sessions of interest to Embarcadero Prism users.

Product Address: RAD Studio XE2
Kick-off CodeRage with the RAD Studio XE2 product address. Learn about all the new and exciting features of this release including FireMonkey with MacOS X support for Delphi and C++, 64-bit for Delphi, VCL Styles, and LiveBindings.

Android Development with Oxygene for Java
Use your Delphi skills to build native Android applications using RemObjects' new Oxygene for Java. Using the same language and compiler as Oxygene for .NET, which powers Embarcadero Prism XE2, Oxygene for Java is the quickest way Delphi developers can start building Android applications today.

Get Ready to AppWave Your Apps!
This presentation introduces you to AppWave, its components, features and benefits, and how you, as a Developer or ISV, can get involved and ready your applications for use in AppWave!

VENDOR SHOWCASE: FireMonkey and VCL United with Hydra
There is no easy or out-of-the box way to extend your existing VCL applications with modernized, FireMonkey based UI elements. RemObjects Hydra jumps into this gap, allowing you to mix FireMonkey and VCL elements as well as integrate .NET parts.

Prism Unleashed
The Oxygene language from Prism was developed for managed environments and developer productivity. This session shows you some of the more 'hidden' language features like Class Contracts, Interface delegation, and Inline Interfaces that really boost your development performance.

Advanced XML
This session covers advanced usages of XML with Embarcadero Prism XE2. The session consists of a series of scenarios with code examples of solving specific tasks and makes use of the .NET Framework. Also included are some Delphi examples of interoperability.

Data Abstract: Cross-platform Database Applications
This session covers using RemObjects Data Abstract to build cross-platform database applications. Learn to create applications on iPhone, Windows Phone 7, Mac OS X, Linux and more. A look at new features like Business Rules scripting and the latest edition of Server Explorer and Schema modeler are also included.

InterBase XE
This session demonstrates debugging and deploying a Delphi XE2 FireMonkey application using InterBase XE (Server and ToGo) on Windows, and InterBase XE Server on Mac OS X. This session also presents available deployment options for your RadStudio XE2 applications with InterBase XE and showcases a few InterBase XE enhancements.

Effectively Using CodeSite Express in RAD Studio XE2
CodeSite Express first appeared in RAD Studio XE. With the release of RAD Studio XE2, a new version of CodeSite Express is available. This session highlights the new features of CodeSite Express 5 and how RAD Studio developers can leverage them.

Cross-platform Regular Expressions
Introduction to the use of Regular Expressions in real-world applications. We discuss the variants of RegEx in native Delphi, .NET implementations, and JavaScript. See a demonstration of the productivity benefits of using RegEx in daily operations and programming tasks. The session includes example code and coverage of current RegEx tools.

Windows Phone 7 Development
This session covers everything you need to use Embarcadero Prism XE2 to develop Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 Applications. Go beyond "hello world" with more complex applications, including MVVM and data driven applications.

See even more sessions coming at CodeRage 5, Oct 17-21, 2011

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