Embarcadero Prism XE2 Update 1 (September 2011 Release) now available

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: Get the latest update for Embarcadero Prism XE2

Update 1 is now available for Embarcadero Prism XE2. This update provides a significant number of fixes.

Download Embarcadero Prism XE2 Update 1 (September 2011 release) >

This new version is available as an update download. It can be applied over an install of the original Embarcadero Prism XE2 release. The download is available to owners of Embarcadero Prism XE2, RAD Studio XE2 (which includes Embarcadero Prism XE2), and Embarcadero All-Access. This is not an inline release so the software installs for new users purchasing those products will not automatically get this version.

Here is the change log for the release. Additional change logs for earlier versions are available here on the Oxygene web site.

New in the "September 2011" Release, Version 5.0.29 (Build .917)

(Status: September 30, 2011, Revision master-f3049a0) "Embarcadero Prism XE2, Update 1"

this is a bug-fix release only, no new features


  • 50583: "An Error occurred in an extension" - preventative NRE checks
  • 50538: vars declared w/o assignment in a loop are not ([p]re-)initialized to nil the second time around
  • 50527: places where CC doesn't work in Android project
  • 50520: complete method does not escape parameter names
  • 50503: "class property" CC-completes to regular s=instance var
  • 50502: Structures (records) aren't marked as sequential by default
  • 50498: Designing a designable class without resx gives warnings when the resx gets added by the IDE
  • 50463: Select All, then Cut kills app
  • 50441: Editor exception
  • 50427: Oxygene code fails at runtime when having a complex filter after an exception
  • 50420: ArgumentNullException when opening ASP.NET project created with old Oxygene version
  • 50417: Property completion inserts at wrong place
  • 50416: No CC in EE method
  • 50390: The suggested name for Application Configuration File is wrong
  • 50384: Internal Error (NRE)
  • 50377: More CC issues in Android Uses Clause
  • 50367: Can't set a breakpoint method Tokenizer.SetPos(Dest: IPosition; aAllowHidden: System.Boolean);
  • 50366: Can't set a breakpoint in a file that's not part of a project
  • 50354: CC inside string constant
  • 50353: Member drop-down list contains superfluous elements
  • 50348: Compiler errors are only reported against a temporary source file and not the actual Code Behind file for an asp.net page
  • 50347: Changes to var record parameters are lost in some cases
  • 50346: Using dynamic viewbag more than once causes internal compiler error
  • 50345: Setting a record field in a by-var parameter
  • 50344: Dispose and nil does not call dispose
  • 50321: Index is out of range exception in BufferUtil.Updater - AddImplMethod
  • 50316: csM messes up coloration and doesn't position cursor correctly
  • 50311: Consts that turn into variables don't end up public
  • 50310: Old style "with" code does not verify
  • 50297: WinForm: Problem with changing modifier-value of component
  • 50296: Code fails to compile in Develop, but not in Stable
  • 50288: More CC issues
  • 50287: VS doesn't add mscorlib reference to Oxygene project when it is not there
  • 50283: Over-zealous warning
  • 50276: Can't use certain array types between assemblies
  • 50267: Installer does not remove old entries from the Path
  • 50247: Can't open WPF forms from DASM7 project
  • 50244: Array issues in v5 compiler
  • 50240: Two issues with v5 compiler
  • 50235: BC7Client fails with NRE, when variable is assigned
  • 50228: Customer project does not compile since v5 compiler
  • 50227: Problem with properties' binding invoking
  • 50210: ASP.NET MasterPage Selector doesn't show
  • 50208: NRE causes VS error dialog on project load
  • 50199: CC in system calls broken
  • 50192: Compilation of newly created "WinForms server" fails
  • 50169: Internal error in compiler with nested set types
  • 50168: Can't rename .aspx files
  • 50167: Internal error in compiler with forward declaration of nested method
  • 50163: ShineOn will not compile with v5
  • 50119: NullReference Exception in compiler if method is missing from the implementation
  • 50105: SEHExcption thrown when calling method with default-nil nullable DateTime
  • 50104: Invalid hint (or potentially bad compile) on assigned() check for nullable datetime
  • 50096: (E0) Internal error: NRE in 903
  • 50052: class reference bug
  • 50038: Error message for 'assembly public' modifiers
  • 50019: CustomAttributeFormatException when trying to get attributes
  • 49997: Nested types don't show up in CC
  • 49995: Editor exception after file rename
  • 49973: IDE incompatibility with Enhanced Scroll Bar of Power Productivity Tools
  • 49940: Make BC7Client sources compile with new Oxygene compiler
  • 49879: "Build Action" is not a drop-down for nested files (ie .Designer.pas, resx, etc)
  • 49856: Empty project properties
  • 49811: Broken CC in Android uses class, gives android.* only
  • 49679: Bad/overzealous 'downgrade" check in installer
  • 49613: Compiler should not allow "private abstract" methods
  • 49570: "Go To Definition" and "Go To Type Definition" should be grouped together in context menu
  • 49540: Editor Navigation drop-down doesn't end up at correct member
  • 49527: No CC on IPhoneNotifier.Instance members
  • 48087: WPF/Xaml public bug
  • 48038: Dragged -in file has no syntax highlighting
  • 47986: VS shortcut Ctrl-Shift-S (Save All) doesn't work with Oxygene installed.
  • 45546: Pre/Post-Build Events get lost when reopening project (regression)
  • 43505: "Delphi compatible division operators" compatibility mode does not apply to constants

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