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RAD Studio XE2 Product Editions

RAD Studio XE2 is available in four editions – Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate and Architect. A more detailed feature comparison is available in the RAD Studio XE2 Feature Matrix.

RAD Studio XE2 Professional

Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 Professional is designed for software developers and teams building PC, Mac, kiosk and mobile applications with or without embedded and local database persistence. RAD Studio includes Delphi, C++Builder, and RadPHP providing you with everything needed for fast native Windows, Mac OS X, .NET, PHP, Web and iOS development. RAD Studio Professional features include:

RAD Studio XE2 Enterprise

RAD Studio XE2 Enterprise is a designed for software developers and teams building client/server, multi-tier, cloud, and Web applications for native Windows, Mac OS X, .NET, iOS, and the Web. RAD Studio Enterprise offers seamless connectivity with a variety of database servers and enterprise data sources, as well as DataSnap multi-tier technology. RAD Studio Enterprise includes everything in the Professional edition, plus the following for building client/server and multi-tier database and Web applications:

RAD Studio XE2 Ultimate

RAD Studio XE2 Ultimate is designed for software developers and teams building, managing, and tuning database-intensive applications with enterprise database systems. In addition to RAD application development, RAD Studio Ultimate includes SQL development, database change management, SQL profiling, and SQL tuning tools with DB PowerStudio®. RAD Studio Ultimate includes everything in the Enterprise edition, plus the following:

RAD Studio XE2 Architect

RAD Studio XE2 Architect is designed for application developers and teams building data-intensive client/server, cloud, GUI and Web applications with enterprise database systems. RAD Studio Architect combines data-driven rapid application development with rich visual data modeling to help developers understand, design, and get the most value out of enterprise databases and data structures. RAD Studio Architect includes everything in the Enterprise edition plus powerful database modeling and design capabilities:

RAD Studio XE2 in Embarcadero All-Access XE

If you're interested in RAD Studio XE2, in combination with development tools for Java and Ruby on Rails; plus a complete range of database design, management and performance tools, Embarcadero All-Access is the solution for you. Embarcadero All-Access XE provides all the application development and database tools you need – when you need them. It's the easiest to use 'toolbox' solution for any size team of developers, architects, performance testers, and DBAs. All-Access is ideal for both large enterprise teams working on a wide range of technologies; and for smaller teams, consultants, and individuals who find their time split across the software development life cycle.

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