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What's new in C++Builder XE2

C++Builder XE2 offers exciting new functionality giving you the ability to build visually rich, applications for Windows and Mac, FireMonkey, new VCL styles, an expanded developer tool box, additional database and mobile connectivity, and much more.

Deliver applications across Windows and Mac OS X

C++Builder XE2 with the new FireMonkey application platform enables you to compile natively to both Windows and Mac. Your applications take full advantage of the power and speed of the CPU and GPU.

Create visually stunning and interactive applications

Quickly design FireMonkey applications that are visually spectacular, highly interactive and data rich for PCs and Macs. With C++Builder XE2, you can deliver data rich applications that engage your users with an immersive, interesting, and interactive application experience.

Connect everywhere

C++Builder XE2's dbExpress delivers new connectivity options with support for InterBase XE, FireBird 2.5, SQL Anywhere 12 and ODBC giving you more database choices than ever. New DataSnap mobile connectors allow you to build Mobile clients for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone (using Xcode, Eclipse, and Visual Studio mobile development tools) that connect seamlessly with your C++Builder DataSnap servers.

Bring new style to your VCL applications

C++Builder XE2 introduces VCL Styles, enabling you to apply a custom look and feel to your VCL applications. Styles are applied to your existing components and UI elements so it's easy to get a new look without swapping out components. Choose from the included, professionally designed styles or use the VCL Style Designer to customize or create your own.

Put your data and logic in the cloud

C++Builder XE2 includes expanded cloud computing integration with new data and deployment options. The included cloud API supports data storage and access to blobs, message queues and tables on Windows Azure as well as Amazon Simple Queue Services, Simple DB, and Simple Storage Service. Use the new Deployment Manager to deploy your applications to both Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Windows Azure.

Data-aware UIs and beyond - visualize live data

C++Builder's new LiveBindings let you connect any data source to any VCL or FireMonkey user interface or graphic element. LiveBindings give you the power and creative freedom to present data to users in more intuitive and interactive ways. LiveBindings also include expressions giving you incredible power and flexibility to build "dynamically" calculated and updated bindings.

Work smarter and faster with an expanded developer toolbox

C++Builder XE2 includes both new and updated integrated tools to help you get your job done faster. C++Builder now includes FastReport for quickly designing and generating reports. You also get updated versions of TeeChart, IBX, InstallAware, IP*Works, AQtime, FinalBuilder, IntraWeb and Indy.

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– Stephen Craig