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By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: ...and with a Special Time Limited Price Offer that ends 31 March 2011


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Time to step up to… RAD Studio XE Enterprise

Find out what RAD Studio XE Enterprise can do for you!

...and with a Special Time Limited Price Offer that ends 31 March 2011

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Embarcadero® All-Access is the ultimate upgrade!

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Embarcadero® RAD Studio XE is proving to be one of the most successful versions of the IDE for years. Thousands of developers around the world are now building ultra-rich applications even faster with the hundreds of new features and enhancements.

Now you too can future-proof your applications like never before with new Enterprise Edition support for cloud and the ultimate in multi-tier deployment. Also, get the latest, most powerful and popular third-party add-on tools out-of-the-box.

Five key reasons to step up to RAD Studio XE Enterprise Edition today:

dbExpress database server connectivity framework
    Connection pooling, tracing and drivers for nine major databases including SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, InterBase, Firebird, Informix, SQL Anywhere and MySQL
    Develop highly open, secure and scalable multi-tier database applications, with middle tier application servers
Cloud Deployment Wizard
    Easy Amazon EC2 Cloud Deployment wizard
    Creation and debugging of dynamic build and deployment process automation
Extensive Audits and Metrics
    200+ Static Code Audits for deep code analysis 
80+ Static Code Metrics for analysis of the object domain
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XE Pro
Upgrade from 
RAD Studio XE Pro

Delphi XE or C++Builder XE Enterprise

€ 1,999 € 1,299 € 999 € 599 n/a

RAD Studio XE Enterprise

€ 2,799 € 1,799 € 1,499 € 1,099 € 799

Now includes all major versions with RAD Studio XE, including RAD Studio 2010, 2009 and 2007

PLUS RAD Studio XE also now includes New RadPHP™ XE, the complete PHP IDE and New Delphi Prism™ XE, for .NET and cross-platform Mono development.

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