Last chance to register! Learn how to develop application services with PHP servers and Android phone clients

By: Calvin Tang

Abstract: Join programming expert Daniele Teti on a webinar on PHP and Android

Join Daniele Teti to learn how to build Mobile Solutions with PHP and Andriod

Free Expert Webinar on Developing Application Services using PHP Servers and Android Phone Clients with Daniele Teti

With the need for mobile user interfaces for existing applications growing at an increasing rate, this webinar will show how to achieve this using two very common platforms, a PHP web application and an Android phone client. After introducing the basic concepts, attendees of this session will be taken through how to REST-enable the server application, before building the client application targeting an Android phone.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Introduction to REST and JSON support in PHP
  • Introduction to Android client development
  • Creating a REST web service with RadPHP
  • Connecting from an Android application to the REST web service

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Companion White Paper, Videos and Source Code
Visit the RAD Studio in Action – PHP and Android Resource Center for additional information on this topic, including an in-depth technical white paper, example source code and a video series on building applications with PHP and Android. You can also download a free trial of RadPHP to try it for yourself. Go to now.

About the Presenter
Daniele Teti is R&D Director at bit Time Software, Embarcadero representative in Italy. He has many years of experience in the ICT world. He works on (and with) several open source projects for Delphi, PHP and Android communities. He is speaker at Italian and international Delphi, PHP and Android conferences. In his spare time, Daniele likes writing articles for websites and Italian magazines. He's also a staunch supporter of agile methodologies and design patterns and in its educational activity he spends lot of time on concepts related to design patterns, integration patterns and SOA/ROA.

About RadPHP XE
Embarcadero® RadPHP™ XE revolutionizes PHP web development with a completely integrated, rapid visual development approach and component framework. RadPHP XE provides a powerful editor, debugger, visual development tools and connectivity with leading databases. The integrated reusable class library includes components for everything from UI design to building applications for Facebook.


Live Web Seminar
February 9th

Developing Application Services with PHP Servers and Android Phone Clients

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