REST Servers in Delphi XE Using DataSnap

By: Calvin Tang

Abstract: Delphi Expert Marco Cant├╣ shows you how to build REST servers using DataSnap

Representational State Transfer (REST) is a new architecture for Web Services that is
having a significant impact on the industry. Most of the new public web services from large
vendors (Google, Yahoo, Amazon, now also Microsoft) rely on REST as the technology for
sharing and merging information from multiple sources.

This paper delves into the development of REST servers in Delphi XE, showing how you
can use the features available in the box, how to extend them with extra Delphi support
code, and how to take advantage of the jQuery library. Within the various models offered
by DataSnap, our specific focus will be the development of Delphi REST servers, coupled
with browser-based applications written in JavaScript and based on jQuery. Keep in mind,
however, that the same REST servers could also be used by a variety of clients, including
mobile device-based applications.

Download the white paper and code examples

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REST paper by Marco Cantù


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