Delphi Prism XE - Updated Templates for MonoTouch and MonoMac

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: How to download the latest templates using the MonoDevelop Add-in Manager

Updated templates for Delphi Prism XE for both MonoTouch and MonoMac can be found in the Add-In Repository for MonoDevelop, at

Installing these templates requires that the MonoTouch and MonoMac, respectively, are installed. Both suites of templates currently are only supported for MonoDevelop/Mac, since both MonoTouch and MonoMac have the same requirement.

Instructions: Select the Tools|Add-In Manager menu item in the MonoDevelop IDE. In the dialog that opens, click the Repositories button, then select Add and add the above URL. (You only need to do this once, and this will give you access to all future add-ons).

Once the repository is registered, click the Install Add-Ins... button – you will find the new templates under the Templates section.

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