Last chance - Upgrade pricing for BDS 2006 users ends December 31

By: Calvin Tang

Abstract: Save up to 45% off the new user price with our special upgrade pricing


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Upgrade Now to XE

This offer has expired.  It ended on December 31, 2010.

Upgrade pricing for Borland Developer Studio 2006 users ends December 31st


If you're a user of Borland Developer Studio 2006, Delphi 2006 or C++Builder 2006, you are eligible for upgrade pricing on the all-new Delphi XE, C++Builder XE and RAD Studio XE versions but only until December 31, 2010After that, you'll no longer qualify for upgrade pricing and if you want to move to XE or future versions you'll have to pay the full new user price.

Upgrade now to take advantage of upgrade pricing and save 35%-45% off the new user pricing that you will have to pay if you upgrade in 2011 or later.

Here are some of the new features introduced with RAD Studio XE:

  • Expanded Multi-Tier Development with DataSnap
    • New wizards for creating server applications and client modules
    • Wizards for creation of DataSnap Server applications with C++Builder
    • Support for JavaScript, REST and HTTP and HTTPS transport protocols
    • Process communication streams with encryption and compression filters
    • User roles for authentication/authorization
  • Language, Compiler and Library Enhancements
    • Updates to the VCL, RTL, and STL
    • Regular expressions for Delphi RTL
    • Enhanced TStrings and Date/Time functionality
    • Enhanced RTTI support for C++, new rvalue references, move semantics for std::string, plus more C++ VCL enhancements
    • Added support for the OpenTools API for internal tabs
    • Improved compiler performance
  • Cloud Computing - work easily with cloud services and deploy applications to the cloud
    • Components for working with Windows Azure simple data storage including blobs, queues and tables
    • Easy deployment to Amazon EC2 cloud servers for high availability and scalability
  • Powerful Integrated Tool Chest with most popular third party tools included
    • AQtime Standard profiling tools for ultra-high performance apps
    • CodeSite Express logging tools and enhanced debugging
    • Software IP*Works component suite for advanced Internet app development
    • Advanced difference engine with the Beyond Compare Text Compare
  • Plus much, much more!

Upgrade to new Delphi, C++Builder or RAD Studio XE before time runs out. Your upgrade purchase will also qualify for our Buy one tool, Get another tool free promotion. There has never been a better time to upgrade.

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