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By: Tim DelChiaro

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DataRage 2 is coming May 25-27, 2010. This online conference, targeted at data management professionals and database application developers, will share valuable information and tips to help you build high performance database applications.

The online conference will feature a good number of presentations targeted at database app developers, presented by Embarcadero experts including Mike Rozlog, Pawel Glowacki and Al Mannarino; as well as top members of the RAD community including Marco Cantu, and Sebastian Gingter from Delphi Prism development partner RemObjects.

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Here are just some of the sessions of interest for database app developers at DataRage 2.

Master Database Development with Delphi

Learn the basics of database interactions with Delphi, understand the various database access libraries included with Delphi, and learn to quickly and easily switch between databases. Whether you’re using InterBase, Firebird, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase or other databases, you’ll get valuable information for rapidly developing high-performance data-driven applications.

Making Connections with ER/Studio

Learn how to design or redesign database layouts with ER/Studio Developer Edition and how to interact with Delphi from that. Also, learn how to use ER/Studio with most of the actual databases that dbExpress supports. See how to connect different databases such as mySQL, msSQL, InterBase, and Firebird.

PRODUCT ADDRESS: Into the Future with InterBase

What’s in store for InterBase? Here’s your chance to find out directly from InterBase's product manager! This session features insight into Embarcadero's future plans for the market's leading near-zero administration database. Join us to learn exactly what’s on the product road map for the next few releases during a session that will focus on our investment and objectives for upcoming InterBase releases.

InterBase 2009: Discover the Best Way to Ensure Secure Data Protection for your Applications

Discover the best way to ensure secure data protection for your applications using InterBase 2009 multiple forms of encryption, log-based journaling, disaster recovery, and automatic crash recovery capabilities. Plus, improve your application’s performance using InterBase high-performance data management technology.

Introduction to Delphi's ClientDataSet

In-memory datasets, like Delphi's ClientDataSet, provide your applications with a wealth of features, even for applications that are not strictly database applications. This presentation provides you with a high-level overview of ClientDataSets and describes a variety of interesting ways that they can contribute to your applications.

PRODUCT ADDRESS: Centralized License Management

In this session, we explore Embarcadero's centralized licensing solution including the configuration of the Embarcadero License Center (ELC), the configuration of the server license, configuration of client license, user management, and reporting.

Multi-tier Database Applications with Delphi 2010

An Introduction to Delphi's 2010 renewed DataSnap architecture that lets you create multi-tier applications in an easy RAD way, delivering a lot of power and flexibility for your remote zero-configuration client applications.

Denormalizing Databases (to the Extreme)

Following the canonical rules for your data might not be the best for "fat client", object-relational, or Web applications and relational databases these days are even used with no relational model. This session begins with a discussion of like IDs and lookups and then goes a little extreme touching on data versioning, proxies, and other non-standard approaches. From a different point of view, we'll try to see examples of database designs that best fit with Delphi standard client caching architecture.

The Power of ToolCloud

This presentation demonstrates the power and value of using centralized management of licenses, frictionless software deployment, and zero installs to govern and manage software tooling assets at the enterprise level.

Choosing the Right Relational Database for Your Project

This session provides an overview of various commercial and open source relational database offerings based on typical project requirements. Get a framework for selecting the most appropriate product based on the application profile: number of users; workload; scalability; programming language; and budget.

VENDOR SHOWCASE: n-Tier in a Box - Data Abstract in Action

Building n-tier applications is a complex task. Data Abstract not only allows building an n-tiered system without caring about networking and DAL issues: It empowers you to build your application in a real cross-platform way. If it's interesting for you to provide your data to several devices, Web, and desktop applications while keeping a single point of change for your business logic, attend this session.

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