Video interviews from Delphi Live! 2009

By: Anders Ohlsson

Abstract: We captured a lot of speakers on video at Delphi Live! 2009 in San Jose

Jaakko Salmenius, Sisulizer Ltd, talks about his localization and internationalization experiences using Unicode with Delphi 2009.

J.D. Mullin, Sybase, talks about how he ported a one million line application to Delphi 2009 in about two weeks.

Jeroen Pluimers, better office benelux, talks about his use of Delphi 2009

Olaf Monien, EDV-Beratung Monien, talks about how he uses Delphi 2009 (native) and Delphi Prism 2009 (managed) and inter-op. He also discusses the parallel framework and aspect oriented programming in Delphi Prism 2009.

Thomas Pfister, TP-Softwaresystem, talks about creating Unicode multi-tier database applications in Delphi 2009 and how great Delphi Live! 2009 was.

Cary Jensen, Jensen Data Systems, talks about his use of Delphi and Delphi Prism 2009 in particular. He discusses how he's ported some major ASP.NET applications from Delphi 2007 to Delphi Prism 2009.

Marco Cantù, Wintech Italia Srl, talks about his use of Delphi in everything he does. In particular he likes the new generics, anonymous methods and Unicode support in Delphi 2009.

Alex Kilpatrick, FUS Support, talks about Delphi Live! 2009 and Delphi 2009. He's particularly impressed that the next version of the AllAccess client is written in Delphi 2009 and that gives him a lot of hope for the future of Delphi.

Robert Love, State of Utah, talks about how it's extremely easy for him and his team to react and adapt to continously changing legislation when using Delphi 2009.

Holger Klemt, IBExpert KG, talks about how excited he is about upcoming support for FireBird in Delphi. He highly recommends Delphi 2009.

Jon Robertson, Medevolve, talks about how he uses Delphi to write software for medical offices. He loves DataSnap in particular.

Jim McKeeth, WideOrbit Inc &, talks about the productivity boost that Delphi 2009 gives you over Visual C++. He's looking forward to globalizing his applications using Unicode.

Barry Kelly, Embarcadero, talks about the features he's been implementing in Delphi lately, specifically new RTTI enhancements.

Ray Konopka, Raize Software, talks about Delphi Live! 2009. He's very excited about the multi-year plan that Embarcadero has for Delphi. He feels right at home in Delphi 2009.

Daniel Magin, better office, talks about how Delphi 2009 and InterBase 2009 make his life very easy. He gives us two messages "Think Delphi" and "Trust InterBase"!

Francois Gaillard, WideOrbit Inc, talks about how Delphi 2009 allows you to build anything from small applications all the way to full-blown enterprise level applications. He's looking forward to the upcoming touch support.

Hadi Hariri, iMeta Techologies, talks about how excited he is with the Delphi roadmap and with Delphi Prism in particular.

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