Additional visual components and themes free when you buy Delphi for PHP

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: Special offer on Delphi for PHP

Additional visual components and themes FREE!
When you buy Delphi® for PHP

Delphi for PHP is one of the best values in PHP programming

Delphi for PHP gives you a comprehensive PHP editor and IDE with all the code editing, debugging and profiling tools you need for fast PHP coding. Delphi for PHP is also the only PHP IDE that supports visual development in a model similar to Delphi for Windows, Visual Basic and ASP.NET.

Get additional components free when you buy now!

Components For PHP Full CodeGear Edition from JomiTech adds even more value to the large set of components already included with Delphi for PHP. It includes two site themes, group box, lookup combo box, menu, month calendar and radio button list. JomiTech is a CodeGear Technology Partner.

After you purchase and register your copy of Delphi for PHP, visit our registered users download page at to download your free additional components and themes set.

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