DBArtisan Top 10 Business Benefits

By: Gregory Keller

Abstract: An analysis of the top 10 reasons to use DBArtisan.

Return on Investment

  • Reduced Ownership Costs – DBArtisan’s cross-platform support for Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase and DB2 allows your DBAs to standardize on a single desktop administration tool. Fewer licensed tools equates to reduced upgrade and maintenance expenses.
  • Reduced Training Costs – DBArtisan’s common interface and support for Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase and DB2, flattens the learning curve associated with moving between DBMS platforms.
  • Reduced Personnel Costs – DBArtisan’s common interface for Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase and DB2 allows even your most junior DBA to be immediately productive across all of these platforms. There is a diminished need to recruit and retain DBAs with platform-specific skill sets, typically the highest paid of your DBA staff.

    Enterprise Application Support

  • Increased Staff Productivity – DBArtisan’s common interface for Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase and DB2 increases productivity by allowing your DBAs to concentrate more on the “what to do” rather than the “how to do” specifics behind their most complex administrative tasks. New database requests or open support calls can be closed quickly and with confidence that the implementation was done right the first time.
  • Higher Application Quality – DBArtisan’s wizard driven and graphical tools for creating and maintaining database objects help eliminate error-prone manual coding and shield your DBAs from dbms specific syntax constraints. Additionally, DBArtisan greatly reduces the risk associated with complex database changes by allowing your DBAs to test and debug their stored code before introducing enhancements or fixes to your production environment.
  • Higher Application Performance – DBArtisan provides the right diagnostic and tuning capabilities to ensure your most critical data-driven applications not only perform, but that they perform well.
  • Higher Application Availability – DBArtisan’s graphical diagnostic tools allow your DBAs to quickly identify session, space or performance related database problems. Tight integration with the available correction facilities allows them to move easily between diagnosing and correcting database related outage conditions.

    Business Decision Support

  • Proactive Problem Solving – DBArtisan provides the advanced tools you need to anticipate and avoid business-damaging outage situations. Intelligent, built-in database sizing utilities empower you to analyze historical usage trends, assess your current needs and proactively plan for the future growth of your organization’s data assets.
  • Intelligent Resource Allocation – DBArtisan’s advanced space and performance management capabilities allow you to balance your resource load by helping your identify overloaded or under utilized resources within your test and production environments.

    Peace of Mind

  • Improved Security – DBArtisan helps you safeguard your most critical data assets by allowing you to quickly monitor and control security for the supported platforms all from one common console. Additionally, user session activity can be monitored down to the executing SQL code, so you can quickly view and act on the sessions connected to your key enterprise databases.

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