Five Ways Delphi 2009 Speeds Windows Development

By: David Intersimone

Abstract: This is an eDM that was recently emailed out to Delphi customers.

Develop Native Windows Apps Faster Than Ever
  Take a tour with Delphi 2009 and RAD Studio 2009

Developers have long known that 
Delphi and CodeGear RAD Studio are the fastest way to build Windows applications.
But did you know about the five great productivity-boosting features developers are raving about in Delphi 2009?

We invite you to take the quick tour below, watch the free video, or better yet,
download a free trial today and see for yourself!  

Start Your Delphi® and RAD Studio® Tour Here With New Ribbon Controls
New MS Office® style ribbon controls and Windows® Vista®
look and feel VCL controls make it easy for you to build
great looking modern user interfaces that will delight users.

"Nice job on the Ribbon controls; I started from scratch and had a working application with a few ribbons and several groups with controls in them in about 15 minutes.
It's extremely easy to do."
                                                     - Ken White, Clipper Functions for Delphi


Generics and Anonymous Methods



New! Fully Unicode Enabled

Delphi 2009 enables you to build Unicode-enabled apps that can handle international data and filenames, making it easier than ever for you to build apps that can handle data and users the world over.

“Now with full Unicode support, we can adjust our projects for any culture or language,
and reach the global market.”
                              - Manoel Edesio, DelphiTeamBR community

With Generics you can write code that refers to a type without having to specify the specific name of that type. And you can use Anonymous methods to pass code blocks as parameters.


DataSnap makes it easy to build multi-tier database applications, manage database connections and business logic on the server, and to speed development of thin client apps - regardless of your data sources! In Delphi 2009, COM dependencies are removed and replaced with a powerful yet lightweight implementation called Server Methods.

“The new multi-tier application platform, DataSnap, removes the COM dependence from our projects, making it safer and faster to develop, deploy, and execute.”
                                              - Manoel Edesio, DelphiTeamBR community


New! Resource Manager
Most Windows applications contain Windows
resources; bitmaps, cursors, fonts, and other data that can be contained inside of a compiled binary.
The new Resource Manager makes it easy to add and manage the resources in your projects.





Complete Your Tour With a Trip to Our Website.  Check Out The Videos, Demos and Trials
Watch this quick video
featuring David Intersimone and learn more about the great new time-saving features in Delphi 2009.  Then visit our Web site to learn more about what peers are saying about Delphi 2009.

"Working with Delphi 2009 is great. Besides the many
new improvements that will speed up the development process,
the new Unicode support will allow my customers to unlock
the full potential of Easy MAPI."
                                   - Peter Wolters, CEO, RAPWare

Productivity-boosters in C++Builder 2009 include:

  • New! Support for new C++0x language enhancements to speed development
  • New! TR1 and Boost libraries that extend the reach of what you do, including support for hashing containers, threads, asynchronous communication, and serializing data structures
  • New! Updated VCL components, Ribbon controls, PNG support, and enhanced support for the Vista interface make it easier and faster than ever to implement the latest Windows and Office look & feel features
  • New! Resource Manager for simplify managing the addition of Windows resources to an application as well as a pre compiled header wizard to speed build times
  • New! Ability to share build configurations between projects, greatly simplifying project configuration and management
  • New! Enhanced! VCL for the Web, a framework that allows C++Builder users to leverage their existing skills to build robust, full-featured, AJAX-enabled Web applications, including support for Microsoft Silverlight, without having to master the numerous Web oriented technologies

Delphi Prism provides everything a .NET developer needs to quickly and easily create powerful applications. Key productivity-boosting features in Delphi Prism include:

  • Complete design-time and runtime support for WinForms, ASP.NET, and Windows Presentation foundation (WPF)
  • Full cross-platform flexibility that allows you to target .NET, Mono and other implementations of the .NET CLR across Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Create managed applications using a modern language with roots in Pascal and Object Pascal. It’s the power, ease, and familiarity of Delphi with full support for .NET!
  • A database access framework called dbExpress is integrated with the ADO.NET framework and gives you extreme flexibility when working with multiple back-end data sources
  • Access to the rich Visual Studio and .NET ecosystem. Delphi Prism is based on the Visual Studio Shell, so you can take advantage of Visual Studio plug-ins, MSBuild actions, and other products from the Visual Studio community.
    Buy or upgrade to RAD Studio 2009 today and get everything you need to develop native Windows, .NET, Web, and database applications!
Delphi 2009 is also available in a powerful value bundle called CodeGear™ RAD Studio 2009
which combines Delphi 2009 with C++Builder® 2009 and Delphi Prism™ for .NET. CodeGear RAD Studio 2009 gives you a comprehensive multi-language, multi-platform development suite for Windows, Web and .NET and database applications. Check out the new, powerful features in C++Builder and Delphi Prism. 

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