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By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: Reasons to try and buy the Architect edition of RAD Studio 2009

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RAD Studio Architect 2009

RAD Studio 2009 Architect Edition is here ...and what a model solution we have for you!

...and if you upgrade TODAY, not only do you have new powerful native Windows and .NET development capabilities, you also gain intuitive modeling support for your code as well as your databases!

Why you need RAD Studio 2009 Architect

For the first time, when you and your team are building software, you will be able to locate, solve and communicate in a way that will enable you to make the right decisions first time, every time and here is how...

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RAD Studio
Code modeling and reverse engineering...
  • Understand existing code instantly – perform code reviews and examine client systems with complex code structures becoming immediately clear.
  • Construct large applications fast – assemble new software structures from the drawing board to reality in minutes instead of hours or days.
  • Reuse more code than ever before – once identified, select and extract whole sections of code and store as patterns ready to reuse and restructure.

Delphi developers are renowned through the industry for building business applications that are great looking, intuitive, responsive and flexible, especially when it comes to working with any number of databases. Now you can provide the databases that you construct with the same level of support as the software that you build and here is how...

NEW Database modeling included in RAD Studio Architect Edition...

  • ER/Studio Developer Edition – Use the industry leading database IDE now included.
  • Architect your data - Easily reverse-engineer, analyze, and optimize existing databases with round-trip database support.
  • Database lifecycle support – Construct graphical models from an existing database or schema and modify your database directly.
  • Model-driven database design – Build multilevel designs with this highly productive environment using the advanced graphics capabilities, automated and custom transformations, denormalization mapping and extensible automation.
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